Pro Baseball (CPBL) Sunday 3/21 in Taoyuan

CPBL’s Brother Elephants vs. Uni-President Lions at the new baseball stadium in Taoyuan County on Sunday March 21. Here’s an article about it:

The article doesn’t mention the time, but fortunately a student told me yesterday that it’s at 2:00pm.

As is typical, if you put the stadium name mentioned in the article (桃園國際棒球場) into a Google map search, you will not be shown the correct stadium. Fortunately again, the student told me an alternate name (桃園青埔棒球場) which will show the correct location: The stadium is located near the High Speed Rail (HSR) station.

Some other teachers and I are planning to go. If anyone wants to meet up, let me know.

Not a fan of either of these teams, but nice to see baseball about to start. GO BULLS!!!

I saw a little bit of the game on TV. Looked like a fairly decent crowd. I think the Lions won.

It was an excellent time. The color, atmosphere, the exuberant fans, and the great weather–the temperature, not the hazy dust in the air–made for quite an spectacular game.

The stadium is small–15,000 capacity–according to a staff member, but what an awesome venue. I walked around the entire seating area and could not find a bad seat. The action was close, no matter where you were. Tickets were cheap too, only $200 NT for 15th row behind home plate, but that probably was an opening day special.

For anyone who wants to see Taiwanese really let loose and enjoy themselves, go to a baseball game.

Yes, the President Lions won, but it was an exciting game with the Elephants jumping out to a 3 - 0 lead in the first.
It’s also good to have this venue 15 minutes from my door.

If they can manage to keep the league clean, baseball could really flourish in this country.

Wookiee, I’m jealous. We got there at 2:00pm and discovered a massive crowd still outside the stadium. Unfortunately, we hadn’t bought our tickets ahead of time and were told that they were sold out :frowning:

Glad you enjoyed it. We’re planning on coming to the next game.