Problem with power in bathroom. Dafuq just happened?

No idea what just happened, please if you have any ideas… Help?

Issue: no power on one outlet and bathroom integrated fan and controller not working

What happened? Wanted to put a small dehumidifier into my bathroom. It was working fine in another room. I turned it off, unplugged it, and plugged it in in the bathroom. There was a bang and electric smell from the dehumidifier. The fan and fan control stopped working, and there is no voltage on the power outlet when I measured with a voltmeter. Light and other outlets are still ok.

What did I check yet?

In the home fuse box there is no apparent fuse tripped. I didn’t find any other fuses or similar items in the bathroom or house. The fan control box also doesn’t contain any fuses, actually it doesn’t have any AC cables, only low voltage control cables. Maybe I’ll have to check the ceiling fan box…

The power outlet was the one near the toilet, where some silly ass warming Japanese style toilet seat is installed. I assumed maybe it’s silly unnarked 220V then, but in another bathroom the same outlet is 110V. Also on the switch box there seems to be only 110v…


The plot thickens: inside the fan box is a label saying “220V”.

Act 2: So I measure all voltages in the fuse box, all are 110V.

Act 3: Except for 2 fuses connected together, which are 0V.


Act 4: these fuses look not tripped to me, but then it turns out I’m not familiar with this kind of fuse. The “handle” is on the same position as all other fuses in the box, but there is a small window which shows a red color.


Act 5: fiddling with the fuse primes it again. Fan and power outlet work. Of course, this one power outlet in the home indeed is 220V, but no markings.


Lessons learned:

  1. Trust your instincts.


  1. If it smells like 220V, likely the issue was 220V.


  1. Don’t use German logic:
  • There need to be no markings on outlets that can damage appliances
  • just because two outlets in two bathrooms have the same function, it doesn’t mean they carry the same voltage


  1. I was looking for a 220V outlet for a coffee machine. Now I know I could place it in the shower. What could possibly go wrong :rofl:

Do we have a post of the month? That’s awesome. Glad you weren’t hurt.

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Worth it just for the memes.

Trust no one. Trust nothing.

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Now, now. The Germans are responsible for a great many top-tier appliances and electronics. Don’t be bitter just because your people didn’t manage to come up with this particular life-changing device.

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I’m wondering about the geographical distribution. I’m under the impression there are significant cultural differences between the Rhineland and Prussia, going back centuries. What part of Germany do most of the great German inventions come from?

A nice hot cup of coffee in the shower actually sounds pretty nice!

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Sneaky Taiwanese ‘electricians’ wire a 220V outlet as a 110V and don’t tell you until you plug in a 110V and it says boom! Does it make sense?


Yeah, as the smell already indicated, it’s more than just a fuse blown. Let’s see if Tatung provides spare parts. If not, I know the ODM of this dehumidifier now, they’re on Alibaba and might provide spares :+1: