Problem with visa application

Dear formosans, some expert advice is needed with this next problem. I arrived in Taiwan with a 30 day visa, and it will expire on Monday. I was told by the police that it is non extendable, and I will have to fly out on Monday.
Now, my ARC is in progress, but the only papers that I have is one that my school principal wrote, it basically says my ARC is in progress and they want to employ yours truly. They say I must show the good people in HK this paper.
Now, I also enrolled at a university, and they also gave me papers to show in HK. Now I dont know which one is best to use in order to get a visa to return to Taiwan and wait for my ARC to get sorted out.
According to the woman that works at the foreign affairs police, can I not come back with a student visa and then get an ARC.
I would just like to know which of the documents is the safest bet, or do I need anything else.
Thank you.

I believe that going the student route is the best bet. If you have papers from the University regarding your student status, paid receipts for tuition, a class schedule, information about housing, etc. … that is pretty solid.

Contrastingly, just because some boss says he wants to employ you doesn’t mean that he will be able to successfully negotiate the bureaucratic hurdles to do so.

I was in the same situation as you. I just went to Hong Kong with a copy of my contract and the proof that i had applied for my ARC, they gave me a 30 day visitor visa which will be exchanged for the work visa one my ARC application goes through. If you get a student visa I don’t think you won’t be able to change it to an ARC.