Problems Burning with CD-R/CD-RW


Windows media seems to have it all figured out. Just click on the “copy to CD” in Media Player and you have a great mix, right?

OK. Well they sure have the best software, since Media Player is the only devise that has allowed me to actually make a CD so far [2 actually. I do have something that came with my Toshiba called RoxioEasy CD Creator, but it seem totally cluesless and has never been able to make a music CD for me. I have created a few playlists with it, but Roxy just isn’t coming through for me when it comes time to copy.]

BUT: there are always problems with MS. I am looking at a stack of CD-ROMs that have been half written by Meida Player and may never be reformated or usable at any time in the future. It is aparent that some of the files are corrupt. They read an error during the “convertng” stage. Others can not get past the “copy” stage. I think that when there are errors in the copy stage the CD becomes half written, uninitialized and is unusable.

NOW! What am I doing wrong?!

FURTHERMORE, it would appear that some CD-ROMS can not be read by many CD players. Can anyone share their experiences to make this any easier for me?

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I make my CDs with NERO. No problems, it will even convert MP3s to .WAV and copy them onto your CD at the click of one button.

NTI isn’t bad either. Only they like to verify the data twice, but other than that I feel it’s easier to use than Nero.


John (or anyone else),

I downloaded Nero trial version, but I would like to know what kinds of burners it is compatible with before I install the software. I don’t have a burner, but a CD-RW drive that is part of the laptop. Does Nero automatically detect the software?

Also, will I need to tell the software the read/write speeds (I think it’s 24x/8x, but not certain.)

It should, but the only way to know for sure is to install it and try it out.


Roxio Easy CD Creator has come through for me. However, the problem was getting the software to recognize the drive. Everyone I know has had problems with this. It tunred out that Windows was automatically recognizing my CD-RW as the wrong kind of device, and thus ignored Roxio’s own device driver in installation. So, although Windows could open CD-Rs, Roxy couldn’t find the device. I could make play lists, but the Record button was inoperative. I messed around for a while and forced Windows to recognize the drive as an “unknown device,” thus giving Roxy an opportunity to install its drivers when repeating installation … Not quite sure the exact procdure.

The big issue these days is playing burnt CD-RWs in various players. Not 100% compatible. Comptiblity with CD-Rs is pretty much an non-issue. OK, I’ve made a few CD-Rs that wouldn’t play in older CD players, but they were OLD.

Nero is compatible with most CD-R/RW drives. They have a very detailed compatibility list on their web site. Nero will detect compatible drives when launched. You select the speed before you burn a CD. The maximum speed it will allow you select is the lower of the CD-R/RW drive and the CD-R/RW disc.

Roxio CD Creater is widely considered the most user-friendly CD creation program on the market. You may need to update it to work correctly with your CD-R. Anyway, on to the technical stuff.

I’ll assume you’re trying to do MP3->CD. The corrupted files/coasters are because of either: 1)Buffer underrun (your computer can’t feed your CD-R data fast enough) or 2)A corrupted MP3 that can’t convert correctly. These are both problems when you try to burn “on the fly”. I recommend giving Roxio a try again or converting to WAV (big files) using the WinAmp diskWriter output and then burning them.

About your CDs not being readable by many CD players. That really shouldn’t be an issue for recent(4-5 years) CD-Rs and CD players. HOWEVER, if you’re burning to CD-RW, that’s an entirely different story. CD-RW discs will only work in players that specify CD-RW compatability (something to do w/ the laser). This rules out most home/car audio systems.

Hope this helps!

Originally posted by jeremy: I messed around for a while and forced Windows to recognize the drive as an "unknown device," thus giving Roxy an opportunity to install its drivers when repeating installation ... Not quite sure the exact procedure.

OK all: I came back with a LiteOn 40x12x48x burner and bought a box since I am using a Toshiba 5005-S504 notebook and not a desktop.
I am operating XP English version. The burner came bundled with Roxio 5.0 and Nero. Why are they giving me two kinds of CD creation softwares when neither has drivers for XP? Just one what works would be more than enough! Why is there a sticker on the box saying “Designed for XP” for that matter?

Could it be greed?

I found a Web site about CD copying.
I think it’s all lies! The guy walks us through copying with XP and makes it sound like a piece of cake. Then he goes on to suggest that more hardcore people should use Roxio. Who’s paying him to write such BS?

Can anyone tell me how Jeremy tricked the software into recognizing the burner?

FYI I downloaded Roxio’s upgrade for CD Creator 5 and there was no English version available, so like an idiot I download the Chinese version. I can read the menues, but dialogue boxes are “???”. Now my Roxio does not work AND it’s in Chinese.

The FAQ section on the Roxio site suggests drivers will be available some time in the future.

Would it be any easier if I used my other laptop for the job? That machine has Chinese Windows Me Millenium edition.

quote[quote]I came back with a LiteOn 40x12x48x burner and bought a box since I am using a Toshiba 5005-S504 notebook and not a desktop. [/quote]

Ah…things are becoming clearer. What kind of “box” are you using? USB 1.1/2.0, SCSI? The problems with your CDs not burning correctly can be coming from that. USB 1.1 only supports 11Mb/s…which only allows you to burn at about 12-16x max (depending on other USB devices).

It’s pretty interesting that they gave you both Roxio and Nero…you often end up with something junky like NTI…which doesn’t work without upgrading also. Nero 5.5 ( … dates.html)

I also have to say, these marketing things are somewhat deceiving…the CD-R might be “Designed for XP”, but the software might not me. I would say that trying to do what you want on Windows ME will probably be easier, but that “box” could cause some problems.

I’ve always used nero instead of easy cd creator. I really didn’t find it easy to use. ECC also didn’t play nice with the drives so I just ignored it. Nero works with XP with no problems. It also has the annoying program that stays on your system tray. If you want more technical/options try goldenhawk’s CDRWIN.


Sorry to digress Quirky, but I’m pretty sure Seal’s Crazy came out much earlier than 1997, in 1990 I believe. By the way, there was an excellent white label mix of this released last year.

Now back to your regular featured programming…

I am using 1.1 USB. I will see if there are any software updates for Nero with Lite-ON. The “box” I am using is a CD-ROM Box Enclosure from ViPowER The Web site is offline (go figure), but I was able to find a URL for the company… an order form for purchacing the product. I find no coincedence that this is the only site usable. I suspect that they need money to work out the bugs, so they will sell more devices first. I filled out that order form asking if their device works with my system. Let’s see if they have the guts to call me.

FYI: XP is showing both devices as operable and I have tried to go through the all the troubleshooting scenarios a couple of times, but to no avail.

I WON’T GIVE UP! The tech guy from the office may come over and I also have another acquaintence I may call on. I’ll keep you folks updated so we can all learn from my experience, but I am still open to any suggestions.

Also… I will take the 1997 off the quote and… DEFINATELY am looking for

Quirky, single speed on a cd-rom drive means 150kB/s (that is an uppercase “B” for byte), so quad speed would be 600kB/s and 12x would be something like 1800kB/s or roughly 1.8MB/s. The USB1.1 specification speaks of 12Mb/s (this time its NOT uppercase, so divide it through eight: 1.5MB/s) as highest speed… But even 12Mb/s is only a theoretical value, because there is also a bunch of administration data that has to go through the wires. If you are lucky, you might be able to transfer data at about 10Mb/s, which is less than “8x”. The fastest USB(1.1) writer (meaning a writer originally equipped with USB interface only, nothing else) I’ve seen so far is “6x”, my own “4x” will sometimes cause trouble when operated at its full speed. So, you bought an Impreza engine and gave it a March fuel injection - no wonder the engine starts to stutter when you go to warp speed…

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I need help too … recently formatted my PC … reinstalled Windows 2000 pro … and all my programs … PC works a dream now - I use Nero to burn CD’s … before I formatted the pC I had no problems burning CD’s (Copy, ISO and Audio).

Burning ISO and Copy CD Works fine, but not audio … it burns for a while and then says “invalid parameters - burning failed”

Why is that so ? My BIOS settings seems fine … what could it be then ?

Like I said - Burning in ISO mode or Copy CD has no problems.

Originally posted by Olaf: So, you bought an Impreza engine and gave it a March fuel injection - no wonder the engine starts to stutter when you go to warp speed...

Olaf. Sorry to have confused you. Before I was using my laptop’s built-in burner and losing CDs. The failure rate was over 80%.

Now I am trying to use the LITE-ON device because I assumed that the built-in burner was inferior. Now the problem is getting the new burner to work. I have not even been able to start the copy process to get a failure rate.

I guess I have not yet tried to use Nero with the internal CD-ROM writer, but since I already bought a new system, I want to work on it. Perhaps this is folly. I should maybe try to use the Nero software with the build-in device…

Oh, seems I got something wrong… however, don’t expect too much performance from your LiteON if connected via USB… I don’t know about such a configuration, but my Acer 4/4/6USB was recognised by Nero. If you want to be on the safe side, use an internal writer.
If you encounter problems during the burn process, it could be either a thermal problem (bad adjustment right at the manufacturer and after a warm up its only getting worse - that would explain your disks that cannot be read in many drives…) or a load problem (CPU is otherwise busy, does not feed the writer with data any more, buffer runs empty - coaster…).
If you haven’t tried yet, you should really install Nero. Btw, a CD-RW is also a “burner” or “writer”, that name just says it will not only burn CD-R but also CD-RW - but it should be hard to find a writer that does not these days…

Sorry about the semantics. I will use CD-RW from now on.

I finally brought all the equipment in to work and the problem was certainly XP. I installed Nero on my Windows ME computer (also a laptop unfortunately) and so far I have no problems listening to music. Now I am going to read up on Nero and try to burn.

My system:

  1. XP English on Toshiba laptop → internal CD-RW
  2. Windows on Acer laptop → LITE-ON burner w/ USB 1 connection

Does anyone know how to get Nero to recognize an internal CD-RW drive on a laptop, or is it not designed for that? I think I will try to use Nero with this device if possible. I will need to get Nero to stop trying to recognize the old burner on the XP computer.

Originally posted by Olaf: Btw, a CD-RW is also a "burner" or "writer", that name just says it will not only burn CD-R but also CD-RW - but it should be hard to find a writer that does not these days...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy
It’s working on the Win 98 system… drag-drop-burn… that simple. I guess XP does not recognize this LITE-ON device. I won’t push it, but just do music using Win 98.
Thank you all for the help.


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Thanks techno-friends! I love you.