Problems getting onto free Wifi Networks - Help!

I often go to cafes that offer free wireless access to get some work done. After I’ve inputed the password, sometimes my airPort indicator will show that I am receiving full reception (I have a macbook, btw), but I’ll still not be able to access any webpage or download mail. After awhile, sometimes the airPort indicator will change to an exclamation point. I would say this happens to me maybe in about half the cafes I visit.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does this sound like something that has to do with the router settings or my computer? Is this a Mac/PC thing because usually the other pc laptop customers seem to be surfing along with no problem. Any help is welcome.

Click on the Airport Icon (showing signal strength) on your top menu bar. Select “Join Other Network…” and make sure you select the correct one. Most likely, you have selected one that requires a different password than you entered. I had the same problems as you recently, but that was only due to too many signals in the area and OS X (or maybe it was me) selected the “wrong one”.