Problems in filing income tax, please help

Hi there!

I worked here in Taiwan as a foreign worker up to last May 2009. I went back to Philippines on May 11, 2009. Then I married my Taiwanese boyfriend and was able to go back here last Sept 12, 2009. I started again my previous job on October 5, 2009. During my stay here from January to May 11, 2009, I paid my taxes through my broker. Now I don’t know what are the procedures I need to follow in filing my income tax. I have checked some websites but they just confused me more. I know that my previous tax payment could be credited. And the documents where specified also. But I don’t know where can I get those documents and which documents do I really need. Do I need to contact my previous broker and can I ask my present company for some documents and what are those? And what else do I need to do?

Your help would really be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!