Problems posting, May 19th, 2006(Test)

I posted this afternoon but I closed the browser after 5 minutes of “waiting for forumosa.”

The post did go through but it’s not viewable. I posted again just now and it did the same except this time I got the “debug” message. I tried again and same thing again. The result is I have two posts now in that thread but the flounder page is not updated and you can’t read the posts. The only way I can read my posts is if I quote someone and view the thread through the preview window. I noticed Dr. Zoidberg also posted before my last post but after my first post. His post is viewable but mine aren’t.

Just thought you’d like to hear what kind of bugs the site is having today.



thank you. sorry about this - I think we should be ok for now

Weird, I managed to get here through the “find all posts” by bobepine function because this thread doesn’t even show in the feedback forum. Not for me and not yet anyways. It’s like I was made into a ghost or something. You guys are mean! Banned me or let me be but do not leave me in hanging like this. That’s harsh!!! :bravo:


I can see it now. It took about ten minutes.

I can see your reply too.