Problems with the Forums


Hi people,

I’m having trouble identifying a pattern for the difficulty registered members have when posting to the forums.

If you are having problems, please report them here (well, try) or e-mail to

Thanks for your help!


Its happening again! They are saying I can’t post…they system won’t let me post and I’m a registered member! AAagggh! and I got so much to say and ramble bamble mamble wamble!


thanks for posting.

do you experience this problem in the same forum, or are you unable to post in any random forum?


The following eight (8) members had corrupted profiles:

  1. passingcloud
  2. ojanin
  3. Khawley
  4. Joe_Chang
  5. cyntalee
  6. changelizabeth
  7. steve
  8. george
If you are on this list: the fastest solution is for you to register a new profile. I don't believe your e-mail addresses are recorded in the system any more. Please let me know if you encounter any trouble at


I fluffy puffed my new puff, but your page said no fluff! PUFF!

Fluffy Lovely


Does the ‘log out’ work properly? I opened oriented form an internet cafe computer that I used about a week ago and it came up with my name already. No need for password or anything. Thing is, I know I logegd out (rather than just closing the window) from that computer last time, becuase it’s happened before.



Hi Bri,

Thanks for this report. Yes, the log out for this board is working properly. At least, yours is the first report of this problem since I last made some modifications to the log module several months ago.

Folks, if you’ve experienced anything similar to Bri’s problem, please post it below or write to – a brief description of your circumstances would be helpful (ex. at home or in a cafe; browser version; operating system)





Looks like this is ok.



hey wow! i can login… I can post… This is truly great Gus.

When will I/we be able to see all the other topics again as before?

You know what? Your site can be viewed from the Mainland (Shanghai).

This is great… Can’t wait to get back to normal.




Hi Dav,

Thanks for the post. What do you mean that you cannot see all the topics?



No all seems to be fine now for posting.
At first it seemed like you hadn’t integrated the “Today’s Active topics/forums” page with the rest of the forums front page.
Never mind if this does not make sense.
We used to be able to go directly to all the forums front page from this first page :

The common header is still missing here.



Logging out:

Ok, this may seem strange but… I use the computers in an internet store and if I use the same computer and go to Oriented I am already logged in. If I then log out, close the window, open up again and everything then I’m not logged in anymore but if I come back the next day and open oriented forums, I’m already logged on again.

I guess there’s not much chance of someone coming along and using my name to cause mischief, but you never know.