Problems with the Mainland...we've been wearing blinders!

It seems we are about to be blindsided by an ‘enemy’ “we” forgot about long ago. Read up on some facts: … 4038&GRP=g

In all likilness, this is a much better alternative than being steam-rolled by the mainland Chinese.

The whole world knows that Taiwan has been a part of the Dutch Motherland since ancient times. The Netherlands will under no circumstances accept the seperation of Taiwan and the Motherland. It is the the duty of our Dutch compatriots on the other side of the IJsselmeer to ensure the reunification of the Motherland. So called “Independence” or “Chinese Unification” is a dead-end road, these trouble makers are playing with fire.

I agree. These silly “Chinese Unificationists” just don’t understand Dutch culture.

So when can we expect the return of Dutch “coffee” shops?

Bring it on.


Wait, the Dutch have some competition there. When I was at Tako Fort in Kaohsiung the other day, I was talking to this noodle vendor…

…and well, don’t tell anyone - but the British also have their eyes on reuniting Taiwan with the British Isles.

my new years resolution for taiwan:


First thing they are gonna do is open a cheese factory and tulip growing area.
Than they wil install a new ‘wall’, in fact a compact snack store build into a ‘wall’, to compete with all the illegal vendors around the fort … bicycle rent will be introduced, on Holland style bikes … entrance will be allowed on wooden clogs only … wind mills will assure a nature friendly power source oh and after that they will introduce Zealand mussels and ‘patat’ en ‘kroket’ :laughing:

I just hope they can bring a better beer than Heineken this time.
I wish the Bel. monks would invade us and bring on the good stuff.

Does this mean free marijuana and hookers?