Problems with the new design



Ah, the thin blue line thingy. Got it. We old farts have trouble with changes to interfaces.


Anyone have this problem of sometimes when you reply to a certain person it doesn’t show you are replying to them on top?


Haven’t seen it. If you use the Reply button within a post, and not the blue Reply button at the bottom of a thread, it should always happen.


Wait I think it just happened there, lol. Will take a look.


It shows that you are replying to the person when you pull up the edit fuction but not for anyone else to see.


Yes, I can see that if I edit that post above. Thanks for pointing this out.


Anything updates on why sometimes it shows up as a reply and sometimes not? I’m still experiencing this issue.


Sorry, not yet. We’re still focused on the search feature at the moment.


I do not understand your question.

When I click Reply at the bottom right corner of a post, the Editor panel shows me that I am replying to that particular post.

If I click the blue Reply button at the very bottom of a thread, I am not replying to anyone or any post in particular.

I have also noticed that if I reply to a post and my reply would not be the immediately next post to it, then an indicator of X number of replies will appear in the bottom left corner of the post I am replying to. Is this effect what you are asking about?

It seems that if the immediately succeeding post is written reply to the last post, then there is no need to indicate that it is a reply. Because this fact is self-evident.

Now, when someone else down the stream also replies to the same post, then it makes sense to indicate there are replies to that particular post (including the one that immediately follows the post).




test 2


test 3


test 2


test 2.1


Test 0.1


test 0.2


test 3




Test 2


I guess it only shows if it’s not directly after the poster you are replying to.