Problems with UK Bank

Hello! I need some assistance from a UK citizen.

I am having some issues with a bank in the UK. A customer of ours in the UK transfered money to us in Taiwan using this particular bank and there have been problems. I have written the bank letters, faxes and emails and they don’t respond. I did recieve a few email replies telling me they couldn’t help me, but I know they can as it’s a problem on their end, this I am sure of. They even do not want to cooperate by giving me fax numbers or other contact phone numbers of people who may be responsible. Instead my emails are transfered to a general office, not to the people I really need to talk with. Their refusal to help me at all makes me very angry. This particular bank is fairly large also, it’s not a small bank, they have offices in almost every part of the UK.

My questions are:

  1. Is this the normal situation with banks in the UK, or have I just had bad luck?
  2. Is there an agency in the UK that overlooks all of the banks? I ask this because I would like to contact with the agency to see if they can push the bank to assist me or at least get to the bottom of the problem.
  3. If there is no agency and the bank still refuses to assist me are their any other actions I can take or any other government departments I can contact? Or do you have any personal suggestions will dealing with UK banks?

Thank you Hexuan, I have already sent them an email, I hope they can peacefully resolve the issues I have – in my favor of course!

Thank you!!!