Process during small claims hearing in Taipei?

I’m putting this in Living in Taiwan rather than Legal Affairs because I don’t need a legal opinion, just a description from anyone who’s been through the experience.

I’ll be accompanying a client to a hearing tomorrow for small claims court – my client is the respondent/defendant/whatever. The opponent is Taiwanese and will presumably “know the ropes” rather well. I’ve never had anything to do with the Taiwanese legal system (despite the best efforts of Glossika et al last year!) so I’d like to know if anybody can give me some idea of what the process is like, and how it differs from Western proceedings…i.e., do they swear witnesses? do you get the ruling right away or is it mailed to you or something? and my client would probably like to know if it’s better to be really dry and factual in testimony or a little more expressive. (Fortunately I just follow what the client says, so I have little thinking to do on my own.) :laughing:

Anyone? Anyone?

There is no swearing in.

The ruling is mailed to you later.

Just be polite . . . . . that is the best advice. Also, produce what evidence you have . . . . factual evidence is the best. If it is just Mr. A says this and Mr. B says that . . . . . . who knows who is telling the truth???

Also, the Taiwan courts don’t do exhibits and number the exhibits. Everything is put in the form of “filings”

Great, Richard. Thanks. Fortunately it’s not me on the block this time, but it’s better to have some clue about what’s going on.