Process for obtaining a teaching visa


I am changing jobs from a post under the Ministry of Economic Affairs to a post under the Ministry of Education. My employer is a new university, so I want to know the visa application process to make sure the personnel office is on its toes. Is this correct…1. The university applies for a work permit (teaching certificate) from the Department of Education. 2. The university takes the work permit (teaching certificate) to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain the visa. 3. The university or I take the visa to the Foreign Affairs Police to obtain the ARC.

Also, regarding the medical exam, how do I do that? The university has said nothing to me about it. Can I just go myself to any hospital and get an exam and give the results to my university, who submits that paper to MOFA along with the rest of my paperwork? Is there a special ‘visa medical form’ I can obtain at any hospital? (My new post is in Taichung County).



The university should have all the details, so it is probably in your best interest to let them handle it. They should have a full listing of the required procedures and documentation necessary. Ask them to give you a copy.

As regards the medical exam, they will no doubt notify you if it is required. You will want to go to a major hospital, and do the medical exam for “work permit” in Taiwan. If the personnel at the hospital don’t understand that, then you are best advised to go somewhere else.


Yeah, that’s all right. be aware the medical exam takes a week usually (to get the results that is, the exam itself takes an hour or so). If you are still in Taipei go to Renai hospital (near the intersection of Renai Rd and Da An Rd if I remember rightly) as they are all set up for it and will be quicker, otherwise you have to traipse around several different departments in far corners of the hospital.