Processing time for Application of Taiwan ID

Good day. I am a Filipino citizen living here in Taiwan for almost 12 months now. My main purpose is to apply for a Taiwan ID. My father is Taiwanese while my mom is a Filipino citizen. I alreade have Taiwan passport. One of the requirements in order to obtain Taiwan ID is to stay (and must not leave Taiwan) for a year.

My concern is how long is the processing time for application of Taiwan ID? I am scheduled to submit my requirements a few weeks from now and I would really appreciate if anyone knows how long would it take for the processing time of Taiwan ID.

Thank you very much.

Maybe 7 work days.

Notices for the Application of National without Registered Permanent Household in Taiwan Area for Residence after Continuous residence or residence for certain period of time

Time as required for the review: seven days (excluding the reception day, holidays, document supplementation and mailing period)

Thank you so much.