Prodigal Son returns and blames Mom


The son and daughter-in-law of Taiwan’s former president Chen Shui-bian pledged their innocence when they returned home Monday to face a probe into alleged money-laundering by the former first family.

“My mother manages the family’s money,” he told reporters at the airport after returning from New York. “We do what my mother wants us to do.”[/quote]
Hiding out in New York and shopping on 5th ave, goes back to Taiwan just in time for the 101 summer clearance sales. Not to mention to blame it on mom.

What a chip off the old block.

Well at least some good is coming out of this… :laughing:
If MYJ issues execution order for the CSB & Co, would his approval rating hit 100%. Someone should conduct a poll on that.

No need for an executioner. They’re hanging themselves. :aiyo:

According to Chen Jr, he had registered at U of Virginia Law School, attended an orientation for international students, and even produced a school ID to prove it. But a school official said since he wasn’t there on the day of orientation, Jr’s not officially enrolled and therefore would have to reapply next year. :eh: I thought the school ID is proof that one is officially a student, no?

I’m keen to find out what happened there too - anyone? Part of a vast Virginian conspiracy to mess with junior Chen?

My wife mentioned (translated a little of) this story to me. What it means to me is Chen Jr. is a damn liar as well as a thief. No way did the school withdraw their acceptance becuase he’s accused of being complicit in his daddy’s grubby ways. But the boy is apparently claiming the school is playing political games and discriminating him unfairly due to the allegations. Well I say Bullshit.

I don’t give a damn if he has a state driver’s license and a social security card. If he’s being denied admission I guarantee it’s because he failed to comply with a basic mandatory requirement that all other students, who aren’t pampered, spoiled, lying sons of presidents must comply with. I guarantee he just screwed up, he thinks he’s special and doesn’t have to follow the rules, so he thought he could go shopping during mandatory orientation, or failed to follow some other essential pre-requisite, and now that he’s suffering the consequences that every student was warned of, he’s a liar and a whiner and is refusing to admit his own stupid fault. But that’s just my opinion. You can believe him if you prefer.

Oh, there’s no doubt that’s what it is - I’m hoping that someone follows up on what he f*cked up on. I see him waving his student card around to reporters as some form of proof that he, and by extension, his family, are being beset on all sides by the evil blue media with the aid of the US.

Someone just told me that somewhere on this great earth there is a headline: “Chen’s son fingers mother” could we possibly be so blessed? I did a quick Google but no luck.


Are they figuring she’s going to die before she gets to trial? Jesus, conspiring against your own mother to take the fall. What a pack of jackals.

I’m sad that this doesn’t surprise me more.

Instead all we get is “Prosecutor Probes Chen’s Wife.”

I thought it was because he didn’t attend the compulsory orientation and so was automatically disqualified?

“We do what my mother wants us to do.”

Ah, so the son is 100% the same as every other Taiwanese male.