Productive Activities

Attention teachers:

Here are some productive activities that I use with my students. They are not time wasters!!! Great for kindy right up to highschool students.

Reading practice:

Put kids in pairs. Give one of the students from each pair 2 stickers (cards, candies, etc) and say, “If your partner reads REALLY REALLY WELL you can give him 2 stickers. If he reads OK, give him one sticker.”
Both students will listen and watch each other read. They will also correct each other!
Then give the other student 2 stickers and repeat.

Dialogue Practice: Person A and Person B

Depending on the size of the class. Let’s say 20, tell the kids that they have to practice the dialogue 5 times. They have to practice with 2 girls, 2 boys and the teacher. So, the kids circulate in the classroom with the dialogue in hand. They do paper=scissor=stone. Winner goes first (starts the dialogue, they are person A).

Teacher also circulates challenging the kids to paper-scissor-stone. Students will correct each other and they will also get a chance to practice with friends, teacher and foe(sp?) -usually the opposite sex !

Flashcard/Vocab/Speaking Practice

Display SEVERAL flashcards around the room (great for review)!
Choose a “little teacher” (a student with a good command of English). The other students raise their hand and only get picked if they are sitting properly not screaming etc. Little teacher picks a student. Whispers a word (vocab word) into the students ear and the student who was picked has to get the card and speak a sentence about that word infront of the class. I sually reward the little teachers at the end. Make sure that several students get a chance to be the little teacher.
EG. “EGG” The egg is yellow and white. or I like to eat eggs.

Back to class for me.


Reading Drill
(in my opinion THE best way to teach reading is through cut-out single word cards -to start-)

This acitivity is a high pressure and competitive activity that should only be used once the kids have a grasp of the words the teacher is trying to teach them.

Kids come up 2 at a time. Hold the cards in a stack, kids can see only one at a time. The first kid to call out the word on the card gets the card. Do several cards per 2 kids and then call up an other 2. So, buy the end, the kids should have several cards each (because they were the first one to call out the word). To wrap up I usually write the kids’ names on the board and how many cards they have.

For individual practice (good for starters). Get the kids into a single file. Hold the stack of cards, showing the first student the card. He calls out the word. If he gets it right he gets to keep the card and go to the back of the line. If he is wrong, he goes to the back of the line card-less. In the end write the kids names with the number of cards they won on the board.

*** When collecting cards from kids its a good idea to get them to repete the word that is on the card one last time!

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to be continued

Wow lots of spelling mistakes up there. Is anyone else out there teaching? Want to share?