Products for hearing impaired in Taiwan

Yes, I have looked in Taobao and Yahoo. No, they do not have a large selection. In fact, it is limited to clock alarms, kettles and door bells. That can’t be it.

My cousin and her hubby are both hearing impaired and they are about to have a kid. They would like to find some kind of alarm that tells them when baby is crying. Since Taiwan is so technologically advanced, it should have something along those lines.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to look for such an item?

Two Echo Shows?

Just Android phone and cable headphones.

If they are in different room then there are baby alarms that will send you a notification when the baby cries.

Nice but sound amplifier may not work with 100 % hearing loss?

So they are both deaf?

Use vibration alert. There are many products.

It is made for parents that are in a different room and can not hear the baby cry. Also a baby cam can be helpful.

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Yep, both future parents are.

The vibration products are the ones I can’t find. Dunno what other search words to use. Help? Suggestion?


This kind of apps work?