Products from home that you'd like to see sold here


Hi everyone. One of my clients works near where the Carrefour offices are. One day recently I was chit chatting with a bunch of French people and one of them happened to be the import manager at President Carrefour. I wanted to know if there was any food items you guys miss from home that should be sold here. I’ll relay that to her.

If you agree with another poster, please make that visibly known.

My request was for Niagara icewine. There is almost no VQA Canadian wine here. That makes me sad. Definitely no icewine because it’s rather hard to make and has very specific environmental requirements.


This has kind of been to death here. So many threads with this then. But I will bite…

  1. More variety in deodorant. Gillette would be nice.

  2. Milkyway, Mars bars, 3 musketeers are all chocolate bars Id like to see in Taiwan.

  3. More snack foods foreigners like… cheese its, wheat thins, etc. These are always asked for by coworkers when I go back to the US.

  4. Stable and reliable variety of imports would be nice. Not have things here one month and then gone for a year or more or never to be seen again.


I understand that, but the community changes over time. Tastes change. I want to know what the people who are active now want right now. Like, specific things. I’d encourage not to go overboard but at least I can throw several popular options her way. She asked, I said I will offer some answers.


And Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


Oooh I can get down with that, I brought two bulk packs from Canada a couple weeks ago.


They sometimes have the Carrefour own brand tonic water in stores and sometimes not. The big bottles sell for 52ntd and it’s great but often not there. If they could have more secure supply of it would be great.

More French stuff would be awesome. More pâté, regular cheese etc. Carrefour own brand stuff is fine


Muesli not loaded down with dried fruit or sugar at reasonable prices.


Cheese, cheese, cheese…
real cheese, not the plastic, no matter where it comes from
Cheese like the French brand ‘Rians’
Lots of choices
Famous in France


Cheese , Bacon, , snacks , Irish wholemeal flour and more alcohol from Ireland. .They are doing a good job compared to the old days anyway, especially the beer section.


And Cinnabon stuff, in any form. Frozen is fine.


Any brands?

I encourage everyone to be specific. It narrows down the choice.


Theres only one big potato crisp brand, Tayto :grin:
Butter - Kerrygold. Kerrygold is huge in Europe.
Cheese - there are many brands
Irish meat products are awesome but I don’t think they can import beef due to BSE controls. But real Irish Bacon should be possible, Denny’s and others. Quality of Irish bacon is 10x better than the local garbage.
Alcohol : Smithwicks , Kilkenny, other craft beers.

Odlums wholemeal flour


Yeah, beef products are forbidden to import unfortunately. I tried asking for gravy to make Poutine.

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More selection of Irish whiskies. Tullamore Dew.
There are many new distilleries. Real whiskies from Ireland , not fake stuff.


Too bad. Canned beef broth / stock is non-existent here. Carrefour carries Swanson’s chicken broth…why not beef broth? Great for making roasts, stews, etc.


TW government wont allow it in. From anywhere.


It’s because they wouldn’t be able to tell the origin of the broth and they are correct to assume that.


Maple candies. Both the creamy and the hard ones.

Maple butter.

Spice mixes. NOT the ones that come in plastic containers.

In the non food department: TALC. Not carcinogenic. Looking at you, Johnson. I need something to soothe key areas where sweat and friction can cause havoc.

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I’ve seen maple butter at RT Mart quite often.


I never go to RT Mart. Will check then. Thanks.