Professional IQ Testing in English

I need to have an IQ test done. Where can I find a qualified tester who can give me an IQ test in American English in Taipei? And for cheap…

Don’t know about “qualified IQ testers” – what are they, exactly? However, there are any number of online tests available. might be a useful place to start…

I mean someone who is qualified to administer a standardized IQ test. I cannot take an online test as my score must be submitted to an organization which would not accept scores from an online source. I haven’t had the (mis)fortune of needing a psychologist, but I think that they would be the most qualified to give me such a test. Any suggestions on an English-speaking one?

Mensa International is the obvious one, but they don’t have a branch here. Closest is Hong Kong. The test is HK$100, which isn’t too bad. … ong%20Kong

Mensa sends you a home test and then you take an administered test at a site they arrange. They then combine the two scores.

At least, this is the way it is done in the UK.

IQ is a load of bollocks, if you ask me.