Professional junk/trash removal?

Hello, I know there is a service available where you can leave bulky trash on the curb and they will pick it up. However, my family member has passed and there is a lot of bulky furniture/plants/general junk that I wouldn’t be available to move to the curb on my own. This is also in the sixth floor with no elevator. Anyone who knows of a service that throws trash from homes? From what I’ve seen, most cleaning services clean homes that are already empty, but don’t remove the furniture and whatnot. This is in the New Taipei City/Taipei area. Thanks

Since a lot of people a getting rid of old thing around Chinese New Year there are extra free services to pick up bulk stuff.
Check the mail for your community trash pick up schedule for CNY. Our mentions when/how to order free curbside pick up.

Thanks, do they also include services to help move the items down the stairs?


Yeah my problem is I need a service to help remove the items from the home to the curb/dumpster.

If it is just furniture, smash it up into smaller pieces.

If some stuff is still good, you could post it in some Facebook groups.

Don’t offer it for free! Just ask for small price, otherwise you will attract the worst of the crowd who will not come in the end or expect you to deliver. aka. /r/ChoosingBeggars

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Not just furniture, lotsa junk. Stuff that I don’t think people would want to buy either.

Any tech? Computer stuff?

Not much tech stuff, a very old tv with a messed up screen.

Ah, no worries. Thanks. Always looking to take old computers/parts off people.

Call around to your nearest second hand furniture/appliance shop, they may be will to do a deal taking what they want and leaving the rest curbside.

Magazines? Books? Memorabilia?

Oh and your location. If in Xindian, I can recommend a couple of second hand stores for appraisal.

If push comes to shove, I guess a moving company could just take the stuff and put it where the local collection agency tells you to put it. Usually, this agency’s number is on the building’s door if you live in a gongwu. Or you can ask the lizhang. They will tell you when and where to put the stuff. Usually a we’ll known corner. They come with their truck or a garbage truck and voila, it’s all gone.

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