Professional Print Shop

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where are you located?

Work is Taipei, house is Xindian

I recently went to a printers that I feel comfortable recommending. They didn’t do the design for me, but they did help do some editing and printing. Don’t speak English that I know of. They are right at Kunyang mrt station, but they do lots of stuff online and by phone so you don’t have to go out there all the time. They are a 3-person operation running from home. Their prices are very competitive and they are forthcoming with advice about paper, inks etc.
Tel 27865587
Fax 26525477
Add Chungshiao E. Rd Sec 6, lane 322, no. 1, 1F
(Mr. Kang)

Give it a shot, thanks asia baby :bravo:

I wonder how they are with color matching. My company is having trouble getting the company color printed here. Our business cards are normally done overseas.

I think it’s a CMYK mix. I guess there was no Pantone equivalent. We’ve tried many printers and so far no luck.