Professional repair/maintenance of tape deck (4-track/mixer)

I have a Fostex 250 4-track/mixer that has not been used for about 22 years (one owner – me). It has been stored in an Anvil case and is in perfect shape except for the fact that it needs to be lubricated and cleaned (replace the belt and capstans on the cassette deck, clean the connections and sliders, etc).
Does anyone know of a professional electronics repair shop or music shop that could do this? (Other than the two fellows who work on the street in Hsimenting, that is.)

I have seen a Fostex 260 4 track/mixer model selling at ATB music, second hand, scroll down to Multi-tracker/Workstation, for less than $2900. They will invariably give you a 10% discount, so that’s actually $2610. If your repair bill might be in a similar ballpark, then consider purchasing this model.

They sell used music equipment that they repair at the shop. They do repair guitars, etc. so I think they may also repair old gear like yours.

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This is how trying to get my Fostex 250 Porta-studio maintained went:

  1. Drop off unit, tell the person there that it worked fine when I put it in Anvil case 22 years ago and when I used it to make masters to MD the week before (I had just brought it to Taiwan). I only wanted inspection and cleaning and re-lubricate the tape deck part