Program eligibility for Huayu

Hello everyone,

I’ve searched prior posts but was unable to find an answer to the following:

NTU CLD’s website states that the Huayu requires 18 hours of class per week, their program is only 15 hours, and therefore you cannot use the Huayu for their program. NTNU’s intensive program also lists 15 hours on its website.

Do previous Huayu recipients know if this is accurate? I’m thinking perhaps the library / computer time spent which they track a monthly basis may contribute to those 3 additional hours of class time needed? Can anyone confirm this?

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This is on the official MoE (Ministry of Education) site: … 10634&mp=1. Ctrl+F “hours” and you’ll find that you only need 15 hours.

Almost every language center offers 15 hours a week, if not every. At least, I haven’t found any MoE-approved ones that offered neither more nor less. So no worries!