Progressive Racism


Her brief bit shilling for the bluetooth toothbrush wasnt totally unhinged at least.

I just skipped that part.
The rest of the video is quite interesting, tho.

That bit was kinda embarrassing. She’d do a lot better without the corporate-sponsorship bullshit.

I still watched it, but ignored the words :blush:

Assuming this is real, the “professor” sounds like a complete retard (I mean an actual honest-to-goodness retard; his IQ must surely be in double-digit territory). He must have leveraged some serious affirmative action to get where he did.

As for the guy using the phrase “killing fields” without any apparent knowledge of the historical event he’s referring to (and the similarity of his own argument to the Khmer Rouge’s) … good grief, how do things get this bad? It’s fascinating and repellent at the same time.

What the professor is doing is extending the “logic” they have already had validated though other programs that an existential reality can be objective reality. This happened with men who identify as women and women who identify as men, the objective reality is that our sex is biologically determined, but what we have now is all of society need to revise their thinking to accommodate the existential reality that exists for 0.3% of the population.

Which is the fallacious slope certain parts of academia seemed to be headed on, by pushing the idea that there is no objective reality, there are existential realities, specific to race, sex, sexual orientation, religion and they don’t need to accept as fact something that was created by a group outside of their perception of what is and isn’t true.


Pretty standard these days.

Even academia, LOL

All a means to an end.

Unhinged, that’s pretty funny too. What was postmodernism again?


The uni i work at is nothing like the description of academia in that video or how it is described often here. Nobody thinks or behaves remotely like that. I must have gotten lucky.

Yet you are unable to define the terms “man” and “woman”.


I hope there are more of the latter than the former ratio wise at my show tomorrow nite. I can tell you that much.

I think you’ve invented your own objective reality here. LGBTQ makes up about 4.5% of the population. I’m not entirely certain which group of people your 0.3% refers to.

Maybe you are referring to intersex people, which a smaller percentage of people that can be identified at birth, but a much larger number of people that can only be identified as they grow older. The total comes close to around 0.3%. However, for the intersex people, it’s not just an existential reality, it is their biological reality.


Transgender. Gays, lesbians and bisexual (although not exclusively) associate with their biological sex.

I should add, I have nothing against the trans community, I sympathize, Im sure they are heavily discriminated against. But objective reality is there is no way to change a male to a female or vica versa.


What major concessions in life have you really had to make due to all this fuss over who goes to what bathroom and who identifies as what gender.

Why care about this?

Pretty good article

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And postmodern…don’t forget postmodern.



Generally speaking I don’t. I don’t tell people what to believe and what not to believe. I don’t think the view that your sex is determined by biology a controversial view nor is discriminatory in some way, it’s fact.

Gender dysphoria is and IMO a cause for concern, not something to be celebrated. Children and adults that associate as another sex go through a great deal of trauma and perhaps life changing and irreversible surgery. I don’t think we should be teaching children this is normal, or that they can choose their sex when it is in fact set in stone by biology.

When you were a kid did you ever think you would see the day when you wouldn’t be able to say what a man or a woman was?


This is pretty interesting, this interviewer covers these type of topics a lot. Started listening, this student went to school to learn debate, and he got stuck in a racist postmodern fantasy world.

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Ive never been involved in any real life situation where nobody was allowed to say what a man or woman was.

Again maybe i just lucked out but the way academia is described here and my own experience in it dont line up at all.

Im not weighing in on much except to say when you throw objective reality out the window, you end up with loons like the professor in the clip, expect a lot more of them.

You are saying things are not at all like that in the university you are in, I am stating the inability to define what a man and a woman is means it’s exactly like that. Maybe not as bad, but it is there.

The degree to which these identiarian fests represent what goes on and the frequency and degree is exaggerated. Ive never met anyone in academia with these sorts of ideas. Some regressive liberalism at the undergrad level but not the norm, also a lot ot brilliant people and ideas.

The tone of Anti-science and attacks on humanities are disturbing at times.

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