Progressive values vs traditional liberal values

It does, but if we explore this idea deeper, in fact there is no one existential reality, there are many, even in the trans world which is why the entire gender classification is up to 46 or something genders and counting.

But, if you take this general principle of having to use a minorities existential reality and the rest of society have to adapt to that, one might look at the 1619 project and ask, what would America have to do to satisfy the existential reality that that represents. Your not going to have a statue remaining, a national holiday a new flag a new anthem, the constitution needs to be re done, for starters. That one requires some massive changes.

I’ll be off, then. :slight_smile: :flying_saucer:

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Now ou are getting rude again, meaningless blather in that paragraph, we keep looping back to it because no meaningful answers come from you. let me check out the rest of what you said.

You don’t need to, you have two eyes and two ears, you have a brain and can observe the world around you.

I am not asking the police I am asking you, I am also asking you look beyond the examples I am providing as examples which could be many and from many different topics, I am asking you to see the bigger picture, we keep looping back because you fail to do so.


Nice try, I’ll go with one more. The recent declaration by the Biden administration to fly the BLM flag in embassies.

Can you see how it relates to the discussion, if not, you are not seeing the big picture, I will happily explain though.

Save it for USP. My warp engine is about to start.

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You were getting close to seeing where the problem lies, I won’t hurt your alien brain more than I have already for today. You have a wonderful day.

Mick has always been able to distinguish his activities as a poster, where he sometimes (!) expresses strong opinions, and his duties as a mod. Maybe he should have different names/colours/avatars to clarify the difference for readers?

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I think readers are smart enough to be able to tell the difference.

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