Promotional items: pens, stickers, balloons, etc. w/a logo

Does anyone know a good place to get this done?

So far I just have one quote, and the pens will be about NT$3 each, depending of course on how many are made. They don’t charge any extra for putting a logo & address/phone/etc. ’

But I’m not sure of the quality. I’m waiting for them to send a sample…
We will need something that’s pretty good as I don’t want people getting home and then cursing our company bec. their pen doesn’t work!

I’d be interested in any information of this nature anyone can dig up, as well. Any sort of imprinted object (pens, pencils, stress balls, balloons, you name it.)

Me too!

These are a dime a dozen ask a local to do an internet search for you, or get in touch with friends in the marketing departments of larger local companies. The sales guys visit these companies on a weekly basis trying to sell just everything with a logo on it.

There is a trade show coming up that pertains to this in April

April 23-26, I went to this last year and it was quite good, large MOQs though…