Promotional Marketing, Custom Manufacturing, Import/Export Company

I would like to introduce my company, Imaginate, in case we may be of service to the loyal fans of Forumosa.

Imaginate is a cost-conscious consumer product innovations company that helps businesses achieve their marketing objectives through custom tailored product solutions. We turn innovative ideas into extraordinary custom made promotional solutions that create memorable experiences and inspire action. We are experts in generating fresh and creative promotional ideas that are enjoyed, shared and remembered. We expand your team, push your ideas or simply turn your vision into reality with precision, accountability and timeliness. Imaginate has mechanical engineers on staff who have worked with 7-11, Microsoft, Universal studios, EA games, Sony, Foxconn, and more.

Our US office works with larger corporations for their brand centric promotions while our Taiwan office focuses on custom manufacturing, sourcing, quality control, and logistics. We produce promotional consumer products, packaging, and displays using a variety of materials and techniques.

Anyway, I am one of the company’s owners and handle all matters outside of the US. I am happy to talk with you or, at least, provide some advice on how best to handle a manufacturing/sourcing challenge you may have. Please check out our website or feel free to give me a call/email if you’d like to learn more.

Michael DeVore | Partner, Asia Operations
Imaginate Manufacturing Corp. Taiwan Branch