Proof of residential address in English


Is it possible to get a document from the Taiwanese government with our address in english?
I need to this document for my home country, I have a mobile phone bill or a bank statement, but my address is chinese characters and they were rejected.

If you can’t get one, will your government accept a certified translation?

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The document is not fit my government but for a private company in my country. Anyway, I tried to have it translated and certified by a notary or a court in Taiwan. That should work…

Hi kitedili. I had the same concern to register at a bookmaker, luckily the local immigration office can deliver a document, there are some lines in Chinese but main information is in English. Have a look:



Thanks, that will be very helpful, I’ll go ask them next week.

Has anyone had success in using this document as proof of address in English?

From the picture, it looks like it contains your ARC address in English and Chinese, but there are two problems:

  1. The address label is Chinese only. There’s no English stating this is the ARC holder’s resident address
  2. It doesn’t show a postcode (which is certainly part of an address back home)

Depends on the receiver I guess, but a Bitcoin exchange platform recently accepted it from me, not sure such an exchange service can be viewed as “serious” (it was Wirex). But usually when they see a stamp in the bottom it’s seen as solid enough by most.


@junoreactor Thanks, I also need it for very similar purposes. Do you happen to know if

  1. this document can be applied for online?
  2. it is free?
  3. it can be requested for by Taiwanese citizens?

When I needed proof of address to open an offshore bank account, I was able to use a Taiwanese cable bill (address in Chinese) then have a letter written by my friend (a Chartered accountant and the second time a policemen) that said like:

I certify that (Chinese address) translated to english is (address in english).

@monokuro Unfortunately I’m not paying any bills at the moment… but it’s interesting that you can just ask a friend or a policeman to make a note on the bill like that.

I don’t think you can apply for it online.

Here is the application form.

If the link doesn’t work, you may find it here.其他/150147/

It is 100NTD.

You may give a power of attorney letter to others to apply for it on behalf of you.

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The second time I used a bank statement :slightly_smiling_face: