Proof that Pigs Can Fly

Yes, this is from CNN:

Backing a centrist, TC? It’s all become so confusing these days. When I were a lad neoliberalist economics was a right wing thing.

I agree with what Trump is doing. Even if his threatened trade tariffs are just a bargaining chip then that is smart. However, if China refuses to back down then exporting nations like Taiwan will be in the shit economically. I think he’s playing it right and China are making so much and are so reliant on exports at the moment that they will compromise.

I also strongly reccomend the movie "China Hustle"for further insight into the China Scam.
BD, IMO nothing from CNN is “centrist”, it all is slanted towards a ‘leftist, anti-American’ viewpoint.

Free trade is leftist and anti-American? Blimey, things have changed.