Proofs of Relevant Work Experience

I just landed a position in a new expanse of a stable company, and they want me to do a lot of editing and curricular development for them. Their offer was not a teaching position, however, but one that required that I register as a white-collar worker.

In either case, the Immigration Bureau here seeks proof of relevant work experience and requisite competence over a potential Taiwanese employer. I was told that this should be in the form of a publication in my name. However, if anything that I have edited over these years has been published, my name certainly wasn’t on it, and if anything that I’ve “published” would count, it’s all online. Anyway, what sorts of things have people provided to prove that they had a skill that a Taiwanese person couldn’t fill, especially for editorial jobs?

Relevant work experience of any type will be a good start. Some references etc.
The way things work in Taiwan they’ll make you jump over a couple of hoops and then give it to you. I guess it could be worse.

I think you can get some kind of 工作證明書 from your previous schools and argue that it’s relevant to building curriculums. I applied for an editing job once, as I recall, and they told me to do just that (although I never did… I think I ended up doing grad school instead. Man my memory is slipping.)

Thanks, both, for the responses. My employer has been helpful, as well, and she suggested that we just bombard them with lots of samples of curricula and assignment creations with my name on them, etc.

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