Prophet-leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Dies

This religion bewilders me more than the others. I know the others, and I know this one, still bewildered as to why anyone would believe it other than those that are indoctrinated by family or culture or other overwhelming influences.

They’re still recruiting in Taiwan.

You could extend the bewilderment to anyone who subscribes to any belief system. I don’t see how the Latter-day Sainters particularly stand out when compared to organized religions in general. IMO if one is planning to take a leap of faith then the good old Church of England is the sanest choice. I don’t think they accept believers, though. Agnostic at best.

Idk, maybe because their founder said black people were cursed from Cain and less than whites and shouldn’t be allowed to vote and used it to legitimate slavery. And their 2nd leader basically made slavery possible in Utah. That could be it.

They came up with a whole new idea other than the new testament and old testament which is what Christian religions follow these days the Bible.

It’s like, let’s have something more to the Bible that some guy previously known as a swindler came up with in a dream.

And now he’s got his own planet! Woo-hoo!

The church will find somebody else who can communicate directly to God and Jesus.

I never met a single Latter Day Saint that wasnt likeable. Their doctorine may be far from mainstream Christianity, but their ethics, morality, spirituality, unity and Christlike behavior is something I find admirable.

Any one of them would give you the shirt off their back in a heart beat if you ever needed help.

Kind of surpised at all the bashing.

Where’s the love?


Why is it hateful to point out that their founder and leaders contributed to slavery and racism directly. Like it wasn’t some interpretation of what they said. They were clear on their stance of black people. Would I also be hateful to point out Muhammad was also a war lord who controlled an empire and spread the religion with the sword when I hear a Muslim try to say he was peaceful? Historical facts over whatever holy quotes you can give me.

Not in the mood to debate or argue right now. You are entitled to your thoughts and opinions. Their prophet, a pretty decent guy who lived a life serving others and setting a pretty good example, just died. Have a heart and show a little character and respect.


Yeah, it’s funny that. Bunch of utter wackos, frankly, but they do seem like awfully nice wackos.


It’s not hateful to point out failings in a religion. However, It’s difficult to choose a religion that stands out as being particularly hateful or weird. It could be argued that Scientology would be a more obvious target.

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Anyone can be nice including bad people or the devil if you want to include him. Don’t confuse nice with other things.

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You’re friggen kidding me right? What Mormon ever wronged you in this life? You must be a real hoot at parties.

So you are saying modern day Mormons are bad, evil people on par with the devil? There is far more"wacko" in your post that in all the mormons combined.

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Nooooo Mormons just like anyone else or any other religion can be nice. But that has nothing to do with going to heaven or hell.

Does it have something to do with populating your own planet after you die?

What exactly was I confusing the kindness of the average Mormon with?

Your post would suggest they have some sinister motive for being charitable, humble, thoughtful and Christlike.

Whatever dude. I cant even make sense out of your later post.

All I am saying is that a pretty respectable and decent guy just died and it shows a lack of class to go bashing his beliefs and people while others are mourning his death.

He was a father, grandfather, husband and friend to many people. I challenge you to find anything bad about this guy. He lead a life of a saint. Show some respect.

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IME, Mormons are aces. I don’t agree with their religion, but when it comes to people-cloth, all I’ve met have been cut from the best. One of my best friends is the grand Mormon poobah of the US East coast, and you’d struggle to find a better friend. Struggle as in struggle hard. In fact, you’d struggle hard without his admission to realize that he’s way up in the Mormon hierarchy. I don’t think he owns any piece of clothing, ties included, that he didn’t pick up in a Good Will store. He earns beaucoup $$ yearly as an IT consultant, it’s not like he couldn’t afford to buy a belt. You would never know unless you’re Mormon or he told you. Good people, really good.

Not an expert on their religion, but they’re definitely onto something.

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I’ve never met a saint of any kind who wasn’t likeable. :innocent:

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I have great LDS friends. All nice. Even had one try to take me to a brothel in Hualien. It was ok he said, as long as he didn’t drink any alcohol or coke.

Have similar Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim… friends.

Some are good and some are bad.

Good or bad doesn’t get you to heaven or wherever the next spot is, or does it?

I find that I sleep better if I assume that there is no ‘next spot’ in life, as long as it means I can deny delivery of the ‘I’m guilty’ memory reel that visits everyone in their dreams sooner or later. It’s a bit horrifying and rare, sure, but nothing that can’t be cured by two quick cups of coffee the next morning. After that it’s just a matter of carrying on.

Sounds like Gary’s monologue from the end of the South Park episode, “All About Mormons.”

Any one of them would give you the shirt off their back in a heart beat if you ever needed help.

And the tie!

Kind of surpised at all the bashing.

Well the friendly faces mask a corrupt, bigoted, and abusive hierarchy. Which is par for the course as religions go, I realize…

Actually, that was a common belief among American Protestants at the time. Mormons just picked it up from their neighbors.