Proposal for Slavery Reparations

Here is my proposal for reparations for African-Americans.

All African-Americans at least 25% descended from slaves receive free college tuition for 35 years. Recent African, Caribbean, and Afrolatino immigrants and their children do not qualify. Some of these persons suffered some forms of slavery, but not at the hands of the USA.

Thereby America can purge its sin. All Americans, not just whites, who benefit from past exploitation of slave labor pay into it.

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It’s a good start but would require legal reform, police reform, economic reform measures with it…


Every AA by birth and their descendants pay no earned income tax for 400 years, no matter which quintile yer now in. :cowboy_hat_face:


Those are more pressing, for sure.

I’m out here in NYC now what is amazing is how many people of all races are here in support. I just talked with a bunch of cops who told me they are In support of these demonstrators and see this as a part of history.

Its good to see the conversation happening


OK, man, whatcha got? And are you American? Full disclosure: I’m.

That’s mean, and for real from Africa Africans FOBs who now live here as citizens or green card holders…kind of fucked up. This part of your plan invites future conflict by splintering the “group” as if there could ever be such a thing.

America is God and therefore cannot have Sin…according to Walt Whitman…and even if It did or could, Walt would slather It in hot brown goose grease and make It love him and Him both.

May I…“in one way or another…?”

I’m not hip on hitting the poorest of the poor who may be black with a black tax.

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I’m not American (or particularly interested in American politics, aside from a mild, borderline apathetic, interest in global events and being amused/aggravated by the dumb stuff Trump says), but I feel like the emphasis should probably be less on “slavery reparations” per se and more on fixing/compensating for any current inequalities/institutional racism with respect to poverty/housing/education/legal treatment/etc.

Although some of those things are presumably linked to past slavery, there has to be some kind of statute of limitations for this stuff, no? Slavery in the U.S. was abolished like 150 (?) years ago. How far back should societies go, on a national and international level, to make reparations for bad things some long-dead people did to some other long-dead people? I don’t know the answer to that, but I feel like it’s substantially less than ~5 generations. Probably better to try to fix the actual current issues (and avoid future ones), in my opinion.





Apparently not. Not black so I really can’t speak to it. I did once tell my tax idea to an AA colleague who discussed politics and race relations and she was good with it.

Do both!

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They have no intention of doing either.

How about higher standards for police officers and less gun ownership, which is the cause of a lot of these overhyped police officers in the USA?

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We could also throw in free healthcare, if we’re trying to make the scheme even less palatable to Americans… :grimacing:


What the hell is “less gun ownership”?

Reduce the amount of guns people have in the USA, since that causes the police to be overstressed dealing with hostile situations daily…


I’d go with more outreach from the cops and social workers. The cops know who’s hurting if they know the neighborhood. As for the guns…no, Never going to happen dude. Ever. The rest of the world really best come to an understanding about that. When Americans bring guns into other countries and start shooting up their schools, we’ll talk. :cowboy_hat_face:

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You probably don’t live here, because that’s impossible.

We can try to get rid of assault weapons.

But African-Americans need more guns to protect themselves.

It’s harder to oppress armed minorities.

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I’m curious, why is this relevant? What would you say if he responded no?


I think more AA who are responsible need more guns. That gangbanger culture or shooting people in the foot…just happened again in Albany the other day…needs to stop. All for more responsible gun ownership across the board.