Proposals for 2017's Word of the Year


I nominate covfefe.

The Spicer clip is pure gold.

The “coverage” explanation is kind of disappointing.


Easy winner.

“The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant” is all-time epic bullshit.


If you think this is a good choice for word of the year…congratulations, you’ve just been trolled by Trollmaster Trump. :sunglasses:


That seems entirely unlikely lol


Much more likely than collusion with the Russians, impeachment, etc.Turning a Twitter typo into a cultural phenomenon is the kind of thing that sore losers with way too much time on their hands like to do.


Or thousands of other things we could list, whoop-dee-doo. Let me get this straight. Trolling requires intent. Are you saying Trump deliberately posted this?

Talk about sore losers lol. Lighten up, it’s funny. It’s not my fault he’s a jackass.


Covfefe is the password to Trump’s Twitter account.


I’m sure it started out has a typo. He probably fell asleep at the keyboard…and then the trolling began.[quote=“tempogain, post:6, topic:160745”]
Talk about sore losers lol. Lighten up, it’s funny. It’s not my fault he’s a jackass.

Oh, I’m light as a feather. This whole thing is highly amusing, if completely meaningless. And it’s not Trump’s fault that he’s in charge of a nation of jackasses. It makes for good entertainment though.




Now that’s something Trump would definitely do.


Glad you agree. :grin:


Should I log in as The Donald, and confess to the world what an Idiot I am?


You don’t need to log in as The Donald to do that, you know. :wink:


It sure helps though.


You mean I am qualified to be your next president?


Possibly, but I think Hamlet’s doing just fine on his own.


Props for aiming high, but you need to work your way up. How about applying for a position as Merkel’s manservant first?


Nobody gets past that bitch, not even Trump.


Yeah, and he even had to shake her hand like three times. He was probably Bogarting the Purell after that.


I have to covfefe. It’s late.