Proposals for Taiwanese flag


You’re right! Technically the requirement could be satisfied by just a red stripe or something. But the blue sky has to go in one of the top corners. In theory the rest of the flag could be any color. Yellow, say.


I also enjoy the tiger flag. It’s cute but like in a cool fun way. Not too serious but looks old school and has character.


I agree, Andrew, and I think it’s a potential conversation-starter, too. It might make people more aware of Taiwan.

But by that, I’m not saying anything against hansioux’s or any of the other folks’ entries.


You mean the 1895 flag? Me too! It’s a great design, though with murky political origins. (Apparently it was a Qing naval flag, which had then-recently enjoyed victory against the French–the Taiwan Republicans were using it as a Chinese patriotic symbol.) You like it in blue or red?

It occurs to me that Hansioux’s Pangcah + chevron flag design could be improved by converting the chevron into a bend (i.e. a diagonal stripe–dexter, not sinister of course!)


I like this one. Perhaps a bit left-heavy. Maybe the peak can be moved to the right a bit? Also, while the symbol is very pretty, it would be difficult to reproduce by people with limited capabilities. Simplicity is important.


I had another idea. Remember Hansioux’s Japanese sunburst inspired flag design? Imagine that one, but instead of the Red Ensign look, make the blue part triangular–i.e. divide the field by a bend, with the upper corner blue and the lower one red. That way it would also look a bit less WW2 Japanese (and a bit more like something out of The Man in the High Castle TV series).


The blue background looks nice. I just think the tiger is like cool and fun and interesting looking. Not like one of those serious looking tigers that’s Too try hard


I’ve actually enjoyed this one after looking at it more. It’s nice and clean. The logo on top looks like some aboriginal stuff.


I know! (Talking about Hansioux’s Pangcah with chevron) Instead of a chevron, make it a stripe along the bottom.


Like this?


I liked the one with the mountain (Yushan?) better. Just more to the right, por favor.


slightly more right

Old version


I meant the “mountain” more right :slight_smile:


Looks good! (I mean the one with a stripe)

Can you do one with a bend instead of a chevron or a stripe? (i.e. a diagonal between the viewer’s lower left and upper right).

I still wish we could have a mata, perhaps greatly modified from any of the existing Tao mata. You think they’d be against this too? This sun is pretty, but looks a little too much like a snowflake. (Maybe the little red outlines around the diamonds are the problem?)

It occurs to me to omit the inside of the Pangcah sun, leaving only the rays, and to replace the inside part with the symbol for voting. (You know, the little round check mark?)

For this particular vexillological project–following the ROC Constitutional text, while still modifying the flag–we need to decide several things:

(a) the overall shape of the flag (maybe not rectangular?)
(b) the configuration of the red vs. blue part
(c ) the style of the sun

These are three separate decisions, and can easily be mixed and matched.


My bad. Did one that would more closely resemble Patungkuonu (Jade) mountain.

Although now it looks like it’s some sort of stock price indicator. Maybe I should do one that looks like the price continues to go up.


Now that looks more balanced and unique. Love it. The round thing also looks like the sun. :slight_smile:


A version where the stock price keeps going up…


The first one is better looking…and more realistic!


Nah, first one’s better


I think the one with a stripe along the bottom looks most flag-like. The “Jade Mountain” one is very balanced, but it’s odd to see the mountain in red rather than green, and the whole thing looks a bit like a Christmas sweater design. The unmodified chevron would invite comparison with New Zealand’s “Red Peak” flag.