Proposed New Immigration Measures (January 2023 edition)

no one will until its passes into law, at the moment its out for discussion.

Its true for anyone facing deportation for criminal activity, especially if they are fighting the case.

I honestly never thought of it that deeply, but it’s the terminology the migrant workers have used when they have told me about bad employers.

I’m more interested in them going through the proper channels and being safe, not putting themselves in a position where they could become exploited or enslaved.

I’m my opinion having higher penalties makes people think more before doing something that could put them in a venerable situation and harder for them to be convinced by people who want to take advantage.

This was put forward as a carrot and stick, so what’s the carrot?
I hope this is better support for people who find themselves in a bad situation with their employer but I haven’t seen much discussion on that.

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not a carrot, but if they run away due to unavoidable circumstances and/or report illegal employets or brokers, fine can be reduced or exempted.

For acts that should be punished according to the preceding three paragraphs, if there are special reasons approved by the competent authority, the punishment may be reduced or exempted.

I was hoping more alone the lines of a support process and amnesty , safe house system they can go to if things are that bad and help to find work once its all been sorted out.

So basically anyone who hires a (non-APRC) tutor to teach their kids English.

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Fixed it for you.

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Y’all know that increasing the fines and focusing media attention on that is a distraction technique to get the good stuff through, right? :slight_smile:


Spies tend to work through their country’s consulate anyways, meaning they came in on a diplomatic passport.




There is also a higher risk to the foreigner engaged in the activity, the news article indicates a 10 year ban if overstay visa/residency, though if read the law directly the 10 year ban also seams to include being in your valid visa/residency period and caught working without a permit.

第 18 條 外國人有下列情形之一者,移民署得禁止其入國:
Article 18 Foreigners who have one of the following circumstances may be prohibited from entering the country by the Immigration Agency:

12. Has overstayed, residency or worked illegally.

The period of prohibition of entering the country under Subparagraph 12 of Paragraph 1 shall be at least one year from the day following the date of leaving the country and shall not exceed ten years.
法源法律網-法規草案 -行政院會通過「入出國及移民法」部分條文修正草案(2023-01-13)

Or government bodies when they hire irregular translators…?

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They could be considered a consultant and be exempt based on Article 7 in the Foreign Talent Act?

A foreign professional, foreign special professional or foreign senior professional who meets one of the following conditions need not apply for a permit to engage in professional work in the State:

  1. To be employed as a consultant or researcher at any level of government or its subordinate academic research institute.
  2. To be employed by a public or registered private college/university for lecturing or academic research as approved by the Ministry of Education.

Not sure though, if translating would be considered “professional work” (as defined in the Foreign Talent Act Article 4 Point 4) or “artistic work” (as defined in the Regulations on the Work Permit and Administration of the Foreign Professionals Engaging in Arts and Performing Arts Article 3)

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How, when the penalty is for the individuals who come, not the scum who bring them to Taiwan?

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The higher risk is a deterrent, the hardcore who have nothing to loose will still come and still be open to exploitation.

It’s a tool not the answer, it runs along side other measures.

I predict that it will make no or very little difference to the number of people who come via these means. It is just extra punitive.

yes, they are penalized if caught, but not by the proposed amendment of Imigration Act. They are alteady covered by Employment Service Act. unless the tutor is.overstaying , no new punishment is introduced to involving parties in such case.

Keep an eye on the numbers of illegal entries into Taiwan and let us know.

The number of visa overstayers/ absconders is easier to track, they normally come via more conventional means, but are still open to the same exploitation. Having a larger deterrent will make people think more carefully, as I said upthread you also need the support in place to help people with genuine difficulties.

Yep. We will make sure to catch the baddie runaways and teach them good and proper. Don’t try to escape your master.

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there already exist measures exactly for these pouposes. but migrant workers don’t know, or even if they know, the measures cannot work practically. the safe house for them is no different from detention house for overstayed illegal foreigners.

This is down to publicity and availability of information.

If you know where it is do your part and put the information out there, pass us the links so we can pass them on if needed.

What’s the go with the safe house(s) as compared to the detention center?