Prosecuting someone for theft (or embezzlement, or suing for debt)

Hi there. I seem to have a ‘friend’ who thinks it’s OK to take some of my things and completely disappear. Does anyone know of any lawyers that can help me launch formal charges?

It’s not your own OBike?


Andrew, a thief? Tsk, tsk.

Guys, this is serious.

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What did the police say?

Haven’t gone to them yet. Wanted to contact a lawyer. I want my stuff back or the money’s worth.

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Fine, fine.

Just how disappeared is disappeared in this context? Have you tried pulling up to their home, or their place of work, and asking them point blank about returning your things?

Not yet.

He borrowed money from me that he was supposed to pay back two years ago and borrowed about $200 000 worth of computer parts. I’ve been asking for the stuff back and before it was some excuse about he’ll pay and return on a certain day and then the day goes by and nothing. It’s been about 5 months of radio silence on LINE and I’m at my wit’s end.

Requests for my parts and money go unanswered, unread.

That’s certainly no small amount of money. Have you threatened to press charges? Might flush him out.

Well, I figured I’d just surprise him with charges instead cause I don’t want him drawing this out and making this expensive.

And I think his inlaws, while hating him might try to play the Guanxi game.

I wanna get prepped and on top of it before making the complaint.

Everything I google just seems to cater to international businessmen and business disputes.

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Is there anything in writing about the money you lent?

Yes. LINE conversations. And the computer parts.

I don’t think this is theft. You can file a police report but at most he will get 侵占 charge and not theft.

Theft is when he takes the item without your knowledge.

However there could be a chance the police will deem this a civil matter in that case, not much you can do there.

Best you can do is sue in a civil court.


Unless you have rock solid proofs, be aware of the countersuit to be filed against you, and it may be successful.

Well, that’s what the lawyer will determine. Right?

He has my stuff and I want it back.

You appear to have met at least one of my relatives.
I appreciate you calling her “he” to protect her identity.

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Tell the family you’re going to the cops if you don’t get a response within 3 days. If you don’t get a response within 3 days then go to the cops and have them contact the family to let them know you are in the station making a report. Unfortunately you need his family on your side (especially if they have the means to repay you) so don’t piss them off.

I would really like a lawyer TBH, they’d be a lot more airtight than me. It’d be a lot easier than just showing up at the door demanding my stuff back and then having them falsely call the cops on me.


To be clear, you’re talking about suing him (civil suit) and not asking that he be prosecuted (criminal), right?

I forget if you read and write Chinese fluently, but the former will cost you money if you need a lawyer to help, and will also require a significant investment of time. If you’re really at the point of either decision I have to assume your friendship is over. I’d try one last direct, in person attempt and then go to the police if not resolved within 7 days of that. Cheaper, easier, and perhaps more effective.