Prosecutors and judges in Taiwan (is it possible to contact them?)

Does anyone knows if it is possible to have an appointment-meeting with prosecutors or judges or if something similar is open to the public?

you will obviously say that meeting lawyers will help.
Let me explain quickly:
I am in the process of opening a very specific business and need some very clear responses.
I have met some lawyers the last 2 weeks but their answers are all the same (which doesn’t help me at all).
Basically they are telling us to open the business and try our luck as nothing is clear with the law & all depend on the POV of the judge/prosecutors if there is an issue.
I obviously cant try my chance when the investment is close to 5 Mil NTD.

Any ideas ladies and gents?

found this thread in here but way too old

Mind sharing what field you’re looking at? We’re a fairly diverse group, so someone here might be able to provide some insights.

It is basically about the legality of how the business run.
Basically the business can be opened with no problem, but some interpretation of what we do can be interpreted differently.

To me, it seems evident that i need to ask at the SOURCE which means the people who can prosecute us if they think we are in the wrong.

I can’t give details on what is planned or the field.
However if someone has a judge or prosecutor as a relative - i’ll pay dinner

My family is mostly civil servant, none of them judges or prosecutors however. My uncle was a medical examiner for the military. My dad was a military brass.

I used an accountant to open my business and I also pay them a monthly fee to manage my vat tax and end of year filing.

Also if you want to stay out of trouble, get an accountant or lawyer. Judges and prosecutors don’t see your case unless an officer drags you there.

Medical marijuana might not be legal here. :smoker:

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interpreted differently by different prosecutors and judges?

Account & lawyer are a must. They will be part of the business. it is a NO brainer.

i know that that’s why i was asking if there is a way to get to meet one of the two and ask for their POV- even if it is paid service.

i believe will stay the same for the next century.
Thailand will bank on it and change their tourism from sex to weed or incorporate both.
We will definitely be affected by it in the very soon future. Less & less tourist

Is this something that is in a legal grey zone?

Doesn’t matter what the prosecutor or judge thinks. They’re not the one who picks up your case, it’s either someone sueing you, or you were brought before a judge by the officer. So it’s how they see the law.

If you’re dealing with vice related stuff, my advise is don’t. If you are a foreigner it’s not something they want to see foreigners bringing over. Taiwanese people who opens brothels or gambling dens have connection of some kind or have specific targets to not cause a scene. A foreigner will not have any of that.

If you’re doing import and export and wants to make sure you are following financial codes, get an accountant.

yes and no - as there is no clear definition in Taiwan law

That’s our main concern.

So your lawyer has searched extensively through the judicial records and found nothing? That’s certainly plausible for a new technology.

Have you written to the Ministry of Justice? You can use their online contact form (“Minister’s mailbox” or whatever). Writing to the JY is likely to get a response along the lines of “we don’t give legal advice”, but you can still try.

The next best bet is to look up recent developments in European law, especially in the German speaking countries. :2cents:

Also, if this is something that’s likely to be the subject of a new law in the next few years, you can try contacting the major parties to ask how they plan to deal with it.

Thanks @yyy

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Why don’t you figure out which agency would regulate your business and ask a lawyer to contact them to get a letter of no action.

will need to learn first about this.
dont know what is really means

I’m not sure if this can help…but your situation is similar to mine in the sense of “try your luck”. In searching for land to purchase, I often get asked, “would you want legal land or illegal land?” Point is, I wouldn’t want to try my luck on the cost of the land plus the cost of building a residence on the land only to be forced to tear down my house due to zoning issues or whatever “illegal land” brings my way. I know many others do it simply because they have the connections to get away with it. But my advice is simple: Anything that involves 5 Mil NTD, isn’t something to try your luck at. NT50 on a lottery ticket…then go for it. As to speaking with a prosecutor or a judge, it won’t happen…sorry. You’ll be redirected to a lawyer. And as you already know, the advise you’ve been getting from various lawyers has brought you to this forum. My suggestion is if you proceed with this business, have a contract prepared with specific clauses. Ex: My last business purchase, I placed a clause in the Purchase contract that specified that if the landlord decides to sell within a year, the the seller from whom I purchased the business from will have to pay me back in full the purchase cost. This is just meant as an example…if you decide to go ahead.

thanks a lot man.
Really appreciate your comment.
We will of course not “try our luck” and regarding clauses of the business we are working with a lawyer to list them all and be kind of ‘bullet proof’
thanks again

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Or it may be better to just rent your space from someone, if a landlord is building something illegal, you have plausible deniability and say it was the landlord doing it and you had no idea it wasn’t legal. If a landlord is doing this he probably has the connection to do it, particularly if he owns a lot of properties.

It’s kinda like opening a casino or a brothel. Both are illegal but people who do it have the connections to stay out of trouble. Do not do it as a foreigner.

If you’re trying to open a factory go rent a factory space and do your thing there. But 5 million NT isn’t going to get you much unless you’re just doing all hand work (in which case most of your cost will go into paying your workers). A CNC machine costs about 2 million NT, it comes with training and other assistance should you need them.

not a factory work.
5 M NTD - just the cost for the first half year ( employees salaries, rents etc…)
Iam already running and owning a business but we feel it is time to have another basket.

I want to say thank you to all guys/gals in here for the great advice.