Prospects For Employment In Taiwan

My wife and I are considering moving to Taiwan (she has Taiwan & US dual citizenship, I have US). My question is what are the prospects for employment or consulting in Taiwan? Is establishing your own manufacturing firm feasible here?

I have a BS in Business Administration and have worked for a large japanese auto manufacturer (the inventor of lean) for 12 years in the following roles, IT Business Analyst, Supply Chain/Logistics management (large focus on supplier development), and Production Control. I have worked in both the plant and the national corporate headquarters. I have plant startup experience, as well as strong experience designing JIT logistics, inventory, and ordering systems. I am beginning to learn Chinese, but at a very basic level.

Any information you could share is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Hi there,

Sounds like you got strong credentials in SCM. Taiwan needs a lot of senior talent in that area, both here and even more so in China of course.

Today I received an email from Michael Page Taiwan announcing the opening of their Procurement & Supply Chain Practice in Taiwan.

So check that out, for starters.
All the best,

I also think you should be able to find something suitable but a lack of Chinese-language skills will reduce the number of potential employers somewhat.

Also, you will almost certainly get a better package (relocation costs etc) if you find a firm in the US who is looking to place someone here. I would start looking for US firms with Asia-Pacific operations.

Good luck.

I will look into both of your suggestions. Thank you both for your replies.

Hey bro! Why don’t you open your own business? If you need staff/s, I can apply. I am also married to Taiwanese. Been living here for couple of months. I am Civil Engineer but and still looking for jobs.