Prostitutes keep calling me

Despite having never called one, I have a female prostitute call and leave recorded messages on my Taiwan Da Ge Da mobile about once or twice a week. It started about two months ago. Anyone else get this or similar?

Still, it is nice to be called handsome once a week! :sunglasses:

Is her name Sandy?

How do you know she’s a prostitute? Does she leave a price-list with her message? If so, what services does she offer and for how much?

This is a prank most likely from a friend or someone who has your phone number. I thought of doing it to people I know myself. Actually I was going to call the number from one of thos stick-its and send them to someone’s house.

Since I’ve never met you and don’t have your phone number. I can plaed complete innocence.


Is your number similar to mine ? I wondering why she didn’t call me when she promised she would :?

Gotta be better than having debt collectors ring you.

My co-workers who have Taiwan Cellular accounts also get this, albeit in the form of text messages. The interesting thing is that it’s almost always men who get these calls/messages, almost as if they know who the number belongs to. The word on the street is that someone inside Taiwan Cellular is selling phone number lists to the people who send these messages. As far as I know, it hasn’t happened to anyone who uses one of the other cellphone providers, unless they called first.

I get loads of gibberish text messages. Luckily my phone cannot display Chinese…

Hi don’t read much Chinese but I do get the occasional sms with something about a woman and twice I’ve gotten a message in English saying “Chat with me I’m horny” How’d they know I speak English?

[quote=“GOPBill”]twice I’ve gotten a message in English saying “Chat with me I’m horny” How’d they know I speak English?[/quote]You use English on here, d’oh. You still didn’t call me back :x

I get it on Fareastone too. Well, only a couple of times. I couldn’t understand so I gave it to my wife to read, damn it :smiling_imp: :LOL:

The least you could do is send the reply numbers to Matthewh.

Many of the Chinese SMS text messages you get are actually advertisements for various services, like cheap long distance (the ones I get the most), or scams such as ones saying that you won some money, and you have to call a certain number, or something like that. Then theres the prostitute/hostess bar ones that were talked about. The latter ones are very targeted. The few women I know who have gotten one of those happened to have a male/ambiguous sounding name, or using a cellphone that was signed up for by a male friend/family member. Now that FarEasTone has acquired KG Telecom, does that mean I’ll be getting them too? :frowning:

I wish there was a feature in the phone for “turn advertisements off”. It sucks when I’m traveling outside the country, and I have to pay for these garbage SMS messages when I’m roaming.

Just text back that if they continue to send text messages to you, you will charge them a ridiculous amount per message and bill them accordingly. Then do it. See how long the messages last when you start that!


If only it were so easy. :frowning: The SMS text message advertisements don’t have proper IDs so you can message them back. Sometimes, it’s just a 3 digit number, sometimes it’s a really long one. It’s never one you can call or msg back.

I do message them back, telling them to leave me alone and never message me again, so what do they do straight away ?
Don’t these people realize that pissing off their customers would only make me less likely to use them.

Is there a way to do email to a cell phone? If so, you could spam them until they stop

that happens to my boyfriend too…he told me that employes from the phone companies sell the phone numbers to these prostitutes…

it’s really hard to get rid of them…

It’s also possible that those porn or prostitute messages or phone calls come from phone numbers with certain code, like 0204 etc., which charge callers a much higher rate than the average rate. So if you message or call back, be prepared to pay a fortune when you receive your phone bill.

Don’t message or call back,

that’s how they make their money you dummies! They get a cut on the call back or answering service. They message thousands of people at the same time using automated systems. Actually it hasn’t happened for a long time on Taiwan Da Ge Da so I think they found the ‘mole’ for the moment.

I get calls from girls, my impression is that they are calling from Jiu Dian, or special KTVs even though I never went to them. Just tell them to fuck off and you know their number and they’ll get the message. When I asked my friend he told me this is common, the girls will sometime call every day! Don’t bother talking to them…they will even find someone who speaks english so you can’t win.