Prostitution ring busted in Yunlin

I didn’t realize Yunlin was such a hot place for these activities. And foreign girls doing it get their pictures taken and put in the paper. I guess they are working illegally.

…ring members for human trafficking. The four foreign nationals are set to be deported, prosecutors said.

not so sure that four people represents a trafficking ring. I guess business is a bit slow at the police shop in Yunlin.

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I guess it’s bigger than just the four.

Prostitution ring in Taiwan busted; suspected leader arrested
2016/12/06 20:15:47

Taipei, Dec. 6 (CNA) The Yunlin Prosecutors Office said Tuesday it has cracked a prostitution ring and arrested the suspected leader, who was running an operation across five cities and counties in Taiwan.

Prosecutor Chu Chi-jen (朱啟仁) led the raids on 21 locations in Taipei, New Taipei, and Taichung cities and Changhua and Yulin counties on Monday and Tuesday, the office said.

It said 40 people were questioned and 18 were arrested, including the suspected ringleader, a Taiwanese man surnamed Tsai, who had been promoting the sex service on websites and a mobile app since 2011.

Of the 18 people who were arrested, 13 were released on bail ranging from NT$10,000 (US$313) to NT$30,000, while Tsai and four of his accomplices were detained on charges related to violations of the Human Trafficking Prevention Act, prosecutors said.

They said eight suspected male patrons of the prostitution ring and eight women believed to have been providing sex services were among those questioned.

Four of the women were Taiwanese, while two were from Ukraine and two from Russia, prosecutors said, adding that the four foreign women will be deported. .

Interesting, this country has so many prostitutes, and prostitution rings, but the one they bust is one of the very few offering white flesh.

And it’s not an operation against foreign prostitution, as foreign asian prostitutes are also present in huge numbers in Taiwan.

They just the places with Vietnamese hookers regularly as well from what I’ve seen on TV.

Or the hongbao didn’t arrive on time.


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Well obviously this was bigger news because :slight_smile:

  1. it was done through the internet, still somewhat of a novelty.
  2. there are (gasP_) furreign girls involved !!!@@@@

Prostitution via internet is easy in Taiwan and been around for quite awhile

Perhaps the novelty is in busting the online ones? :ponder:

Are they just running prositutes or is it human trafficking and forced? I don’t have an issue with girls trying to make money but there’s a big difference between that than forced human trafficking aka slavery.

Yea human trafficking is bad. I don’t see any news saying they rescued anyone though. Only that the foreigners are being deported which makes sense if they are working on a tourist visa or here illegally already. I guess local girls didn’t break any laws. Only the people arranging the services broke the law.

Hung allegedly colluded last year with a labor broker, surnamed Feng (馮), to hire five Thai transsexual entertainers. […]

“Hung had a very good relationship with the local police, so we were afraid of him and did not dare to report our situation to the police,” one of the Thais said.

Hung was elected to the Chiayi City Council in 2014 for a fourth term.

Hung is reportedly well-known in organized crime circles, going by the nickname “Tiger-Nose Boss.”

They were afraid of Hung so they didn’t report “their situation” to the police?

What exactly was their situation? That Hung kidnapped them in Thailand and forced them into sexual slavery in Taiwan?

I didn’t want to post the whole article, but if you insist:

When the Thais arrived, they were confined and their movements controlled by guards, police said.

“Hung and his associates housed the Thai entertainers at two residences, and had them watched to stop them from running away. Threats of physical violence were used to force the entertainers to provide sexual services to male customers. They were not able to ask for help because of the language barrier and did not understand Taiwan’s laws and had no friends,” police said.

Hung’s nightclub made about NT$21.6 million (US$702,096) last year, police said, adding that the Thais were paid, but each had to “service’ at least 15 customers each month and would be fined NT$70,000 if they refused a customer.

One entertainer told investigators that Hung told him perform oral sex service for a client for NT$500.

That’s sexual slavery alright. Time to hang Hung out to dry.