Prostitution ring in Taiwan busted

Foreigners working illegally and their Taiwan handlers.

I don’t really see news stories about prostitution being busted unless they’re doing something else illegal.

i don’t really get your point. prostitution by itself is illegal here. so what else are they supposed to do to get your attention?
if you suggest, that they were only mentioned in the media because they were foreigners, then i could give you a couple of other articles where brothels with taiwanese “employees” have been busted before.

I’m suggesting that prostitution is allowed, overlooked, whatever unless someone is breaking some other law. The national government of Taiwan says prostitution is legal and cities are free to designate entertainment areas where it can be managed but no city has chosen to follow that route.

Yes Taiwan employees have been busted and rings busted but it also includes other laws being broken.

400,000 Taiwanese work in the “special entertainment” industries. That’s a whole lot of prostitutes (although the figure includes non-sex workers working in establishments offering sexual services).