Protective pipe for rolled-up painting (in Taichung)?

My student gave me a framed painting as a going-away gift.

However it’s too large to transport like this, so I thought to remove it from the frame, roll it up and stick it in one of those pipes I’ve seen art students wondering around with (couriers also use them, I think).

Where could I get one of these? Know of an art supply shop in Taichung city? Or maybe even a hardware store would cut a piece of piping to size?


Try your local stationery supply store – such tubes, with screw lids and carrying straps, are often in the back, near the cork and construction paper sheets and rolled papers.

Caves should have something.
There are a few shops around the art museum (more on the west side, but at least of couple on the east side, nothing north or south that I remember) that should be able to set up as well.
If not, just get a length of pvc piping cut to length at a hardware store. That will be cheap and sturdy.

Thanks chaps. You confirmed my suspicions.

I’ll hit Nobel on Gung-yi first, then the shops near the museum.

If unsuccessful then the hardware store next to Carrefour…