Protein Supplements other than Powders

I use this when I don’t have protein powder available. Somewhat comparable to even common protein powders and available easily at convenience stores.

Slightly less protein per serving with similar sugars and more fiber.

Compared to a popular protein powder.

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Do both. I mix my protein powder to the sugar free soy milk sometimes.

That’s what I do. I use low-sugar/high protein soy milk (Trader Joe’s) instead of water in my post-workout smoothies. And I add greek yogurt to give me even more protein. In Taiwan I make Costco my first stop from the airport and get my greek yogurt and frozen berries there.

I used to mix mine with sit milk too.

I guess Greek yogurt is higher in protein. I thought it was removed during the straining process.

I get about 15g per serving of greek yogurt, but I still have to use protein powder to get enough protein. At least the vanilla flavor of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey powder (U.S. Costco, USD$50/bag) is pretty neutral, and you can still taste fruit in your smoothie. I also add raw shelled hemp seed - very nutty, and high in protein. Haven’t seen it in Taiwan yet, though.

edit: I meant 15g of protein from greek yogurt

I like to add some sweet whisky to this soy milk for better flavor. Or even some Drambuie. Give it a try.

Black soy milk is better than white soy milk for protein and in general. From a professional athlete friend.

  • Currently no genetically modified black beans
  • Vitamin A in black beans is 40 times that of soy beans
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • Possibly more healthy than powders over the long term
  • Anti-oxidation and anti-aging
  • Contains anthocyanins

Tastes better in my opinion, less bean-ish