Protein Supplements other than Powders

I use this when I don’t have protein powder available. Somewhat comparable to even common protein powders and available easily at convenience stores.

Slightly less protein per serving with similar sugars and more fiber.

Compared to a popular protein powder.


Do both. I mix my protein powder to the sugar free soy milk sometimes.

That’s what I do. I use low-sugar/high protein soy milk (Trader Joe’s) instead of water in my post-workout smoothies. And I add greek yogurt to give me even more protein. In Taiwan I make Costco my first stop from the airport and get my greek yogurt and frozen berries there.

I used to mix mine with sit milk too.

I guess Greek yogurt is higher in protein. I thought it was removed during the straining process.

I get about 15g per serving of greek yogurt, but I still have to use protein powder to get enough protein. At least the vanilla flavor of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey powder (U.S. Costco, USD$50/bag) is pretty neutral, and you can still taste fruit in your smoothie. I also add raw shelled hemp seed - very nutty, and high in protein. Haven’t seen it in Taiwan yet, though.

edit: I meant 15g of protein from greek yogurt

I like to add some sweet whisky to this soy milk for better flavor. Or even some Drambuie. Give it a try.

Black soy milk is better than white soy milk for protein and in general. From a professional athlete friend.

  • Currently no genetically modified black beans
  • Vitamin A in black beans is 40 times that of soy beans
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • Possibly more healthy than powders over the long term
  • Anti-oxidation and anti-aging
  • Contains anthocyanins

Tastes better in my opinion, less bean-ish

Well I’ve been drinking two cartons soybean milk lately after weight lifting and it’s not having a good result on my internal body parts.

Diarrhea yes the runs. So I’m cutting back to one carton and find other immediate sources of protein

3.4g of protein every 100 gr but also 1.9g fat so cannot be compared with protein powder

this on the other hand, if you can find it:

You guys should really do some research on the androgenic side effects of soy protein. Menopausal women use it to increase their estrogen levels. For men, if you use too much, you can develop gynecomastia as well as stunt muscle growth.

I’ve talked about this before, the estrogenic affects of eating soy are completely overblown.

Its a great complete protein to add to your total protein consumption. The only knock I would give it is that it’s biological value is around 75% where as protein from an egg is 100%.

You probably don’t want to get all your protein from soy if you’re trying to consume enough for muscle building. But it’s not a problem to drink a soy milk with your protein shake here and there.

Looks beneficial. Except for ~6 teaspoons
/30g of sugar.

Tastes like chocolate milk.

Trick me once, shame on you,
trick me twice, shame on me.

Yeah, that 30g of sugar is a deal-breaker here. Better off eating the pre-packaged chicken breast in the convenience stores.

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Look at the calories on that though. The calorie to protein ration is bad. MyProtein Whey is like 20g of protein to 100 calories

Edit: No wonder with all that sugar.

The Egg white cubes in 7-11 are awesome

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35 calories and 6.8 grams of protein



I gotta try dis.

PxMart has boiled eggs, with very little unnoticeable salt, and no extraneous preservatives or ingredients, 3 for $45. Taste good.

If you go to ourgym on corner of guangfu and Keelung can get cartons of liquid egg whites for 150

I saw 711 has precooked chicken now.

Why Not just drink whey though or eat more protein with your meals? If I want a snack I mix protein powder with oatmeal and then maybe add blueberries and low fat yoghurt