Protein Supplements other than Powders


MyProtein is the like 18 g per protein per 100 calories

Did you notice the title of this thread? “…other than Powders…”

OK, then the chicken breasts in 7 or a yoghurt. Also a really delicious treat is Halo Top ice cream in Carrefour , low calories and high protein

A whole tub is 290 calorie and 18g of protein

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Egg white that’s orange?

They are stewed egg white cubes

Seaweed snack

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Still liking this convenient quick fix.

Black soybean, unlike most of the other, is non-GMO.

15+ grams of protein.

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30 grams protein/NT$40/available at every local convenience store.

Black bean soy milk non-GMO. 15 grams per carton.

I don’t and I wouldn’t drink soy daily but occasionally when needed.

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