Protein Supplements other than Powders


MyProtein is the like 18 g per protein per 100 calories

Did you notice the title of this thread? “…other than Powders…”

OK, then the chicken breasts in 7 or a yoghurt. Also a really delicious treat is Halo Top ice cream in Carrefour , low calories and high protein

A whole tub is 290 calorie and 18g of protein

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Egg white that’s orange?

They are stewed egg white cubes

Seaweed snack

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Still liking this convenient quick fix.

Black soybean, unlike most of the other, is non-GMO.

15+ grams of protein.

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30 grams protein/NT$40/available at every local convenience store.

Black bean soy milk non-GMO. 15 grams per carton.

I don’t and I wouldn’t drink soy daily but occasionally when needed.


For me in Taiwan it’s just always order many eggs. You can kinda order any dish with extra eggs…

Otherwise I took 4kg of collagen protein powder with me. Not sure if it’s easy to get here and my knee was so destroyed from several injuries that I had just 10cm² of cartilage implanted (minced meat). So i took loads of supplements with me cause I felt it will be way harder to get here than at myprotein in Europe on Black Friday…

But yeah turns out myprotein isn’t too bad. Just like 30 percent more expensive here than in Europe. I had not checked that before. Compared to stuff like chocolate that costs minimum twice that’s really good…


Problem is that everywhere uses whole eggs and never just egg white. And they soak it in a puddle of oil when cooking. So you get more fat than protein when you order or add an egg to your order.

Can of tuna fish. Fried chicken. So easy.

I saw this vegan protein milk today at 7-11. Cost and macro-wise, I think soy milk is still a better option. Yet, I think the more “creamy” texture of this drink will be more suitable for lattes (also, the taste is quite nice).

I bet over time less drinks use almonds as the major source of almonds in California is having so many water shortage problems.

We’ve been doing better the last couple years, with most of the large reservoirs at or near capacity.
I like the occasional can if tuna or sardines to bump my daily protein. Plus Greek yogurt.

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