Protest atmosphere

Just got back from the protest. Jammed with people, but everybody was extremely civilized.
Overall, the atmosphere was not at all aggressive. Almost subdued, like everybody wasn’t sure what they they were protesting about. Started to rain heavily and a guy gave me one of those plastic baggy raincoats (the kind that could be used to suffocate someone if they fell into the wrong hands)

Picked up some great souvenirs too - they’re selling shirts for NT200 a piece, and some for 100. “Depose A-Bian,” where else are you gonna find it?

And great photo opps - the best had to be an old guy riding a custom made Zhonghua Minguo bicycle north on Zhongshan Road- equipped with ROC flags, plus one each of Sun Yatsen, Jiang Zhongzheng and Jiang Jingguo.