Just playing with my new toy, ProVoc for Mac. It’s a flashcard-making program with quizzes and can also be uploaded onto a ipod. You can record sound and put that onto an ipod too. It’s really helping my reading and vocab retention.

You can download a basic Taiwanese vocab list from the ‘Arizona’ website too, as well as other language lists.

I’m sure there are other Windows/PDA things like this, but this is the best Mac thing I’ve found. It’s fab. :rainbow:

Hi Ivich - can you post a link to that ‘Arizona’ site you were talking about? I did a quick search but I couldn’t find anything.


Hi, it’s here:

Damn. Any windows compatability?

Nope. It’s too orangey for crows. :rainbow:

Before going over to SuperMemo for Palm exclusively, I used to use WordLearn on my PC and was fairly happy with it. You could try it: