Proxy Servers URGENT

I found a list of public public proxy servers. I tried using their IPs in my connection settings (connect via proxy server), yet those “what is my IP address” sites always show my Hinet assigned IP.

I need desperately to look as if I am logging on from another country.

Nothing illegal. See my IP MASKING thread.

I will pay handsomely for helpful info.

Thank you.

People, this is urgetnt. The Cricket World Cup starts tomorrow.

I’ve gone cold-turkey before but now I’m addicted again. Don’t let me suffer. :frowning:


   Send me the info as to which proxy server you are trying to use and I'll try it out here and see if I can get it to work. If it works, then I can tell you how to get it to work on your end. I still don't understand cricket. It looks like baseball with preppy people.


This is how you do it with IE6. my system is IE6 with win2000 using cable. I got the to show the proxy server address instead of my ip.

in IE6->Tools->Internet Options -> connections tab -> LAN settings button
1-uncheck automatic configuration.
2-check choose a proxy server for your lan. insert the ip address and port number into the box. ie port 80.
check ok and you should be good to go.

word of warning, the web surfing will be very slow. Now instead of having the data going from the host to your computer, it will go from the host to the proxy then to you. Depending on where things are, it takes a while. I tried the netherland proxy server and I felt like I was doing dialup.


Thanks Mark.