PS Tapas Bar

Original Title: The PS Tapa Bar is amazingly bad.

I just went to the new PS Tapas Bar on Dunhua…

I ordered the drink special; 2 mojitos which were made with sprite and still had the sunkist stickers on the lemons. And it only took 20mins to get the drinks…which is fine if the place was busy, but there were only 6 of us in the place.

the best part was the bill…792NT for two terrible drink special mojitos…the manager thought the price was high as well but still charged me non the less.

US$25 bucks for 2 bad mojoitos?

I hope they at least came with a kiss 'cause you were definitely screwed…my goodness.

some mates went who love their food and raved about the tapas, dip and other stuff.
I heard that the prices have been adjusted too cos the manager felt they were too high. They are not even a week old (according to my mates) so maybe it was opening jitters.
I’ve just opened a place and am in sympathetic mode with anyone opening. the first few weeks are full of glitches and changes.

A local friend of mine just started working here part-time.
Anyone been recently?

I’ve been a few times over the past year. I believe there are a couple of owners, they have a couple of places - a clothing store next door, a PS pasta, like that. The guy owner’s name is Wan. Nice atmosphere, especially at night on the patio outside. The tapas are very good, but high priced. I recommend their chorizo (ask for a big bowl, it’s frickin good), the lamb kafta, the salmon salad, the tortilla (like a small quiche in a pan), maybe the cheese and prosciutto plate, the bruschetta is fantastic, and shit I can’t remember, there’s at least one other really good dish. You have to instruct them on the mojito (I know, most people arent willing to or dont know how, so forget it…), I usually just have some overpriced Hoegaarden. The water they serve has a sprig of rosemary in it, which seems strange but actually makes the water quite refreshing. That being said, it is way overpriced, and now that I’m out here herding droids, I don’t plan on going back anytime soon.

Went there for the first time last night and I have to say, I was pretty impressed despite not much on the menu being actual Tapas. I wouldn’t call it a cheap place to eat at, but everything we ordered was tasty. Love the bread, no idea where they get it from and the chicken skewers very really tasty. The veal wasn’t veal, just some kind of grilled beef, not bad, just not what the menu said. The Gambas Al Ajillo is best avoided if you’ve had the real deal, good enough as prawns, but nothing like the original. Also no Jamon Iberico :frowning:
But overall a positive experience if a tad expensive.