PS3 in Taiwan

I am moving to Taiwan at the end of August and I was wondering if it is easier to bring a PS3 with me or to buy one out there?

Firstly, how much to they (and their games) cost in Taiwan?
Secondly, are there any compatibility worries regarding games? (I know DVDs are a different region but I think you can change it a few times)

Thoughts would be appreciated

I bought my PS3 here and have it set for English - no problem.
You can buy used games here in English, though I buy all of mine from the Playstation store.
The consoles and games cost roughly the same here as they do back in the US, so if you already own one, go ahead and bring it over with you.
Streaming services video other than YouTube (Hulu, Netflix etc.) are blocked here because of copyright restrictions.

Thanks for your reply. I may save on the weight and buy one over there in that case rather than buy a cheap one here in the UK. Are they easy to get your hands on, and how much do games and the console actually cost?

Depends where you’re coming from. I recently got a local copy of GTAV and found it to be heavily censored, so if you had a UK one say, you’d be able to download games with a different (more lax) level of censorship. I think you can have PSN accounts for different countries but it’s a bit of a PITA from what I understand… :confused:

if you have a credit card in your home country, you’re set - just use the billing address for the credit card for your personal info when you register for the playstation store and you get that version of whatever game you are buying.