PSA: Citibank credit card compromised and swiped for $90k NTD after phishing attack [Advice needed]

@DunderMifflin Did you fill out this form?

Also did you lodge a complaint with the FOI?

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Although they were informed within 15mins of the scam, they are asking to “wait till September 3rd” until the transaction is complete and then they can “start the investigation”.

That’s been my experience with Citibank in the US. When I’ve reported fraudulent charges, they won’t do anything until the charges are no longer pending. (I’ve never had a request for reversal rejected… so far. So good luck!)

Generally speaking, if it’s your first chargeback or fraud, most banks won’t have an issue reversing it. If you’ve made a few before, they tend to be less generous if they think you might be defrauding them.

Now banks in Taiwan are misers typically so they may be less willing to help.

disputes r not adjudged by the issuers, but by the card networks, say Visa/MC/Amex etc…

Issuers when they receive a dispute claim they submit all evidence and details to the card scheme and they will decide whether to refund the claimant or not, issuers don’t have a say.

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Who would even fall for this? Scooter licenses don’t expire. :thinking:

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It’s not the scooter license but rather a fuel tax

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OK, that makes sense.

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Well that also does not expire and in any case they send you a paper bill you can pay directly online or at convenience store.


So? They could conceivably send you a text.

As if the DMV is that tech savvy… :sweat_smile:


Next time you get any text claiming for you to pay any government related fees, you go to the agency in question or their official system to settle it. Links from text messages are suspect. Actually don’t even call the number supplied by any text or emails, always call official numbers you find in public.

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sensible advice

Of course. That was obvious from the first post (and always obvious), but not the point of my reply. The point is someone could conceivably be fooled by it. They will send you some kind of message when it’s time for payment. It’s not a situation where they will never solicit payment from you.

I’m surprised (not really) by the number of people who apparently receive a text message saying “you need to pay NT$600, click here” and then immediately go and pay it without checking. Maybe @DunderMifflin could share his friend’s phone number. :whistle:

(If this link thing works, send a coffee my way.)

That’s why these scams work.

In the states people claiming to be the IRS, fbi, or other law enforcement agencies call saying you owe money or pay money or you’ll be arrested, and weird thing is they always took gift cards.

Truth is no government agencies call or text you. If they want to talk to you, you’ll either get a letter or red papers on your door, or they come find you. But never text, email, or phone.

Well that’s clearly wrong. Off the top of my head, in the last year or so I’ve received texts, e-mails, and/or phone calls from the FSC, CDC and district health bureaus (for the COVID quarantine), tax office, National Police Agency, EZWay…



Did any of them tell you to pay using an enclosed link?

That ain’t what you wrote. :wink:


I let mine lapse last year over a month before realising. It didn’t expire… instead I just paid a little interest.

Oh, that’s new, they never ask your bank account password. They ask for your address, name, card number and security code as it is a CC payment verification service, they never ask you for your password. If it’s a purchase from a company website, they might ask you to verify the website/company account password if you have one.

And DBS even send you messages that your card was used and ask to verify if you made a purchase.